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    Unable to start httpd and ./build update

    It seems that your server is running out of memory. Can you check the memory usage?
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    Site Redirecting Too Many Times

    I asked for your domain name, your WordPress website. You need to enable SSL to install an SSL certificate, in 'SSL certificates' under 'Advanced Features', you can see "SSL is currently disabled for this domain. You can enable it here. " You can click on "here" then enable SSL by ticking the...
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    Site Redirecting Too Many Times

    If you provide us with your website you are referring to, we might be able to help you.
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    Failed php-fpm.service

    Which PHP version are you using? Anyway, you can list the php-fpm services using this command: Once listed, you can restart fpm using one of the listed names, for example:
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    Exim Problem With One Domain

    You can check your exim log for more information about this
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    How to point subdomain to external domain host using CNAME?

    So, you pointed to How did you add in DirectAdmin, was it added as an alias?
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    How to point subdomain to external domain host using CNAME?

    Your domain is not resolving. You can post the domain's DNS records here, if any.
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    Use 2nd IP to send mail

    You should be good to follow the link you provided here, please provide us with more information in which step you were stuck.
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    PHP-FPM won't start.

    Most likely your server was running out of memory when it's compiling the sources. Please note, a minimum 1GB of memory is required (2+ GB is preferred), with at least 2 GB of swap memory. For more information about the requirement, you can go to
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    Moving to another VPS

    You would not be able to access DirectAdmin control panel if the license is invalid, but your websites will keep running.
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    hi , i cant renew ssl

    You need to update LetsEncrypt to get this fixed.
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    ERROR: One or more of your nameservers did not respond

    At the moment, your nameservers are not running, or perhaps the port is not opened.
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    Domain does not work with www

    Make sure your domain name has the required DNS record, CNAME or A