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  1. WholesaleDialup

    Let Encrypt won't create cert with forced SSL setting

    Yes, tried that too. Works fine. Also, just for grins I tried turning off my firewall just in case that was interfering and nope.
  2. WholesaleDialup

    Let Encrypt won't create cert with forced SSL setting

    Yes no problem, I put a test file there and it comes up fine in my browser. It's the redirect to https that's killing the LetsEncrypt renewal script but in the browser it works fine.
  3. WholesaleDialup

    Let Encrypt won't create cert with forced SSL setting

    Just a shot in the dark but, I wonder if this change has anything to do with our issue:
  4. WholesaleDialup

    Let Encrypt won't create cert with forced SSL setting

    Additional info: As I remember when I ran the command in the URL you provided above, it mentioned something about a permanent redirect to the https version of the domain and then just died. Curious, did the original poster Aar figure this out? Seems we are having the identical issue which is...
  5. WholesaleDialup

    Let Encrypt won't create cert with forced SSL setting

    Definitely not expired. I tried the test in before posting and just received an error, I just can't remember what it was at the moment. I can tell you for sure that the cert is NOT expired and that none of the troubleshooting steps or knowledge-base...
  6. WholesaleDialup

    Let Encrypt won't create cert with forced SSL setting

    Same problem here, I kept getting emails telling me my domain SSL renewal failed with LetsEncrypt. I tried manually renewing and troubleshooting and noticed that the only way I can get it renewed is by turning the Force SSL with https redirect option off for the domain. This is going to be a...
  7. WholesaleDialup

    LetsEncrypt for port 2222 with auto-renew

    I have followed to enable LetsEncrypt to secure the DirectAdmin port 2222. Works great but I am wondering if it will auto-renew like the websites do once enabled. When I enable and install it on a user account for a domain on the server, a customer's...
  8. WholesaleDialup

    Upgrade PHP Version

    I keep getting this message in Wordpress sites: You cannot update because WordPress 5.2.1 requires PHP version 5.6.20 or higher I checked my PHP version at the command line and it shows: PHP 5.5.38 (cli) (built: May 22 2019 21:49:29) I followed the instructions in several post from your...
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    Very Specific SSL Cert Need

    I have a need to purchase an SSL cert with very specific requirements. The cert must be a wildcard cert and must be from one of the certificate authorities below. So to be clear, it needs to be exact. If it says GeoTrust, that's not good enough, it must be exactly as shown below and must be a...
  10. WholesaleDialup

    Adding 3rd DA server and tertiary DNS

    I have been happily running most of my domains on 2 DA servers for a while with a third DA server hosting domains I just hadn't moved yet. I finally have all the old domains moved to one of the two newer DA servers. The 2 new DA servers each run slave DNS for the other. Works great, I add a...
  11. WholesaleDialup

    No input given before connect_timeout reached

    Over the last few months I seem to get this more often than not when trying to do things inside the DA control panel as administrator. For example, I just logged in as admin, typed part of a domain in the search box at the top, then click on one of the accounts in the resulting list. I get...
  12. WholesaleDialup

    Per mailbox send limit doesn't work for me

    I have always had the per DA user limit turned on and set to 3-500 emails. I have always found this limit only somewhat useful for dealing with authenticated users spamming or through accounts which get compromised (password figured out). In more recent versions of DA, I noticed the per mailbox...
  13. WholesaleDialup

    General guideline for reducing SPAM on DA servers?

    :confused: I know that anti SPAM configs are often based on the admins personal preferences but.. With that being said, has anyone written a guide or suggestions for best methods for securing a new DA server in terms of SPAM reduction? Some of the methods I have used in the past and are...
  14. WholesaleDialup

    PureFTPd every auth fails on new DA server

    I have had several DA servers over the years and I just setup two new DA server running CentOS 6.4 I think after a yum update it's now 6.5. Of the two new servers I setup one allows PureFTPD logins and the other denies everything saying it's a bad password, it's NOT.. I have changed the...
  15. WholesaleDialup

    Fail2Ban ProFTPd working filter and jail?

    I have been banging my head on this for hours. I have fail2ban working fine with Exim and SSH but can't for the life of me get it working with ProFTPd on my DA server. I have tried everything I have found on Google which wasn't much. Done tons of trial and error with the regex and so on. Just...
  16. WholesaleDialup

    Lost 30-40 301 redirects I manually entered into DA a few hours before

    I setup 30 or 40 301 redirects in a DA account where I redesigned my website. I tested them in the browser, they worked etc. A few hours later I noticed a broken link which should have already been setup as a redirect. I logged into the DA account where I set these up and they are ALL gone...
  17. WholesaleDialup

    IP in Whitelist still getting blocked on port 2222

    I looked the instructions at: It states that I need to add the IP to the whitelist file to keep from getting blacklisted, but no luck. I have setup a monitor to load the login page every few minutes to make sure DA is up and running. This apparently...
  18. WholesaleDialup

    Brute Force Monitor Screen Never Loads

    I have a few DA servers and have never seen this issue before but seems to be happening on just one server. Let me start by saying this server is very suspect at the moment and we are migrating away from it because I no longer trust it for various reasons. Since it's suspect being able to load...
  19. WholesaleDialup

    Hardening DA box against improperly installed scripts like Joomla, Wordpress etc.

    I have a few DA boxes in production and I am tired of users running things like Joomla, Wordpress and the like and not keeping them up to date and/or chmoding directories to 777. I have one user who chmoded the whole public_html dir as 777. I know I can try my best to crack down on my hosting...
  20. WholesaleDialup

    Send only email accounts?

    Anyone know a way to restrict an email account or possibly an entire domain of email accounts to have Send Only permissions? Basically I need email accounts that do NOT receive mail but allow the users to send email through them. I have this working now with SurgeMail but I really dislike that...