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    BFM admin attacks , can I block on username?

    I'm running CSF, and I do have the custom script blocking IP's from BFM to CSF, however I am getting a large number of attempts to certain usernames. How can I create a script to instantly ban IP's who attempt to login with username admin (etc). Login attempts are all for proftpd and exim...
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    nginx problem accessing virtual hosts

    Hello all, I have nginx running on port 81. I can access all my sites (including virtual ips) on the port 81. However when I forward the traffic from port 80 to 81, the virtual ips have a message saying "Apache is running normally". However I still can access the sites on the port. All server...
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    proftp has "partly" stopped worked

    Rather random.. all the server accounts work fine. But if I log into any account which runs on a dedicated IP address the ftp logins, but just loads a blank folder. I looked in /etc/proftpd.vhosts.conf, it only lists the dedicated IP accounts, seems fine. When logging in, it gets the right IP...
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    user account creation script

    I have got a little project I'm doing and would like to modify the script that directadmin users upon user creation. Where can I find it? I need to write a bash/php script which creates a linux user, MYSQL database, and emails them of such details. When I create an account using directadmin...