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  1. Richard G

    dkim not working for Server's Hostname

    Ah oke. I missed that part. So this example is not confusing anymore. Still I don't like that "match any domain" sentence. Mine is better. A hostname shouldn't be a domain name in *any* case anyway. 2+3 understandable and correct. 4.) As far as I know a hostname should always have an A record...
  2. Richard G

    Error with CSF Centos 8.1 installation

    That is not a default one. I don't even have one and by default these ports are not opened. Maybe fail2ban or something changed or created that file.
  3. Richard G

    Error with CSF Centos 8.1 installation

    How do you know, you had a ticket response? Ofcourse I can. That the iptables config file is wiped should be no problem. Normally all policy's only should read ACCEPT so if that is happening with the server starting up without csf active, then it should be fine. Maybe it can also differ from...
  4. Richard G

    query (cache) './ANY/IN' denied

    Recursion is enabled by default in bind. I thought it had to be enabled because it says this: It is set like this: //recursion yes; but that doesn't matter because it's enabled by default. however I also do have these lines a bit higher: allow-recursion { localnets; }...
  5. Richard G

    dkim not working for Server's Hostname

    I know the difference between hostname and domain name, but it's this part of the sentence which is very confusing: So as said, is hostname, and is domain name. So the hostname matches the domain name. At least that is what people (especially non-english languaged)...
  6. Richard G

    query (cache) './ANY/IN' denied

    The hex is the client object identifier, next his ip. Which is from and the ip range is from Time Warner Cable. Since the hex file is the client object identifier, no need to read them imho. A query is always done to a site, not to ANY, so I don't understand what you're worrying...
  7. Richard G

    Directadmin migrating to new server.

    1.) The admin backup/transfer only backups up and transfers the accounts. So on the new server you need to use admin backup/transfer again to restore the accounts. This should give you messages in the system if the restore is succeeded or not. Same for the backup. 2.) Be aware of restore...
  8. Richard G

    Block wp-login and xmlrpc brute force attacks with CSF / DirectAdmin

    Thank you but these custom lines were already mentioned a couple of times on this forum. For xmlrpc.php there are also methods mentioned to block access to them serverwide.
  9. Richard G

    I disabled SSL in User Level; Cant enable it now

    Account manager in user level??? As far as I know user level does not have any "account manager", next to that, enabling SSL (or disabling it) is done in Domain Manager when using user level. Have a look there if you can find it there. If you're admin or reseller, check if SSL is still enabled...
  10. Richard G

    Disable calls to external servers (Google Fonts/APIs,

    No it's because other reply's already were done after his first post and also some time passed. After a certain amount of time you can't edit anymore. New or old user makes no difference.
  11. Richard G

    dkim not working for Server's Hostname

    The new docs are also confusing when looking at the perfect mail setup section: This gives the impression that when "" is used as hostname, the domain named may not be used on the system. I'm sure this is not what is means, but it's written in a confusing way...
  12. Richard G

    Error with CSF Centos 8.1 installation

    It's good to create support with DA. Because I don't use nftables (neither are you) but these lines for localhost are creating an issue, for the rest it looks as LFD starts fine: iptables v1.8.4 (nf_tables): RULE_INSERT failed (Invalid argument): rule in chain INPUT INVALID tcp opt -- in !lo...
  13. Richard G

    Site Redirecting Too Many Times

    Did you use an uppercase character somewhere? I've just seen this happening with somebody else who made this mistake, maybe you made the same mistake? See this thread, especially post #8...
  14. Richard G

    direct admin install

    Logically, this won't work with cwp either. Try the correct command: ps faux | grep directadmin However, something went wrong on install. Try "./ auto" which should always work. I get the impression you're only here to advertise CWP.
  15. Richard G

    network scripts on Centos 8

    Yes I do. But remember that restarting the network only restarts the NIC, so if you have a 2nd ip in Directadmin, startips has to be restarted too. Ahyeah, sorry I confused 2 commands because I normally almost never restart the network (no need to), I use service for lots of other things like...
  16. Richard G

    network scripts on Centos 8

    Oke, sorry, I don't use it. I didn't disable network manager and as it says on yourlink, I still can restart network still via service network restart. I think somebody else needs to answer you. If you're from the Netherlands, you can also send me a pm in Dutch.
  17. Richard G

    network scripts on Centos 8

    Can you give an example? Which scripts exactly? Because I never used NetworkManager until now. Do you mean ifconfig? Or what exactly do you want to achieve or do?
  18. Richard G

    New user trying to start on the right foot

    You can easily use Centos 8. It's already supported for a long time by DA and working great, so you don't need to install Centos 7. I don't use VM's but: 7.) You don't need a second license just to cluster DNS. You can also use a VM or cheap VPS and use Directslave. This is a free tool which is...
  19. Richard G

    network scripts on Centos 8

    What exactly do you mean? There is not /etc/init.d like in Centos 6. But you can still adjust the network script (for the nic) in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts if you mean that. However, with DA you normally do not have to fuzz with that. Restarting network is done slightly different, but...
  20. Richard G

    Bug - Domain Pointers option to receive duplicate dns entries from master domain

    Hmmz... now the feature links is confusing me. As I read it, then it should work, just like you think. I've read there is a "[x] Affect Pointers" checkbox on the MX page on user level. Is that checked too? If not, I don't know, might be you found some issue there or at least some confusing...