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  1. jojolafrite

    Site redirection to forward from HTTPS too

    Right now, when we setup a site redirection from a user account when the original request comes from a HTTPS, it returns a 404 error found rather than a 301 or 302 depending on what the user had setup. thank you.
  2. jojolafrite

    wrong disk usage & number of inodes

    I d like to share something i have found & i have not found threads about it. On my debian 7, i have discovered the number of inodes and disk usage were wrong for my users, (inodes=2 for all user accounts). It was not related to the quota module but it was related to a bad parameter in...
  3. jojolafrite

    Too long username & softaculous

    in directadmin.conf i have seen that i could change the username length through max_username_length=10 By default directadmin as a maximum username length of 10 chars, this default accommodates the maximum username length from mysql which is 16. On the other hand, softaculous allows db name...
  4. jojolafrite

    Roundcube sends from localhost, junk mail, system account

    When creating a new account & login to roundcube using this new account, Roundcube sets the sender to "user@localhost". Example: I first log with a system account credentials. As compared to virtual host there is no domain in the username. Here if it was a virtual one, the username would be...
  5. jojolafrite

    About ./ Ipv6

    I have moved a domain from one user to another and noticed it didn't updated the Ipv6 records in the DNS zone. What happened was like the following: Old user: Old Ipv4 - Old Ipv6 in DNS records for the domain. New user: New Ipv4 - Old Ipv6 I had to manually update the Ipv6 DNS records to...
  6. jojolafrite

    missing directadmin in /etc/init.d

    I have noticed there is no /etc/init.d/directadminI guess it is normal because directadmin is loaded thanks to systemd. Nevertheless, after doing a change in administration settings, i got an error saying missing /etc/init.d/directadminI did a quick fix for it: ln -s...
  7. jojolafrite

    Bind does not update data

    Hi, Issue with Directadmin with Debian 7 fresh install Everything is fine for me with Centos 6.6 After changing records in any Dns zone files in Directadmin panel. Let's imagine i add a TXT record to then i type... dig TXT @ +norecurse from...
  8. jojolafrite

    Ipv6 nameservers missing?

    I have linked an Ipv6 address to my main Ipv4 web server address in IP management at Admin level. All the records have been created for an existing domain at user level (admin too). Nevertheless, AAAA records where missing for the ns1 & ns2 nameservers. I expected the following records below...
  9. jojolafrite

    is db.root empty?

    I have noticed that my /etc/bind/db.root, the file of root nameservers has nothing in it. I run directadmin on debian 8.1 Am i the only one? thank you. Update: Issue was related to version of directadmin. this Directadmin version was for debian 7. However it ran on Debian 8. solution was to...
  10. jojolafrite

    Fatal error when trying to update to mysql 5.6.25

    With debian 7 I had Fatal error: can't create CMakeFiles/sql.dir/ No such file or directory make[2]: *** [sql/CMakeFiles/sql.dir/] Error 1 make[1]: *** [sql/CMakeFiles/sql.dir/all] Error 2 make: *** [all] Error 2 *** The make has failed, would you like to try to...
  11. jojolafrite

    where is the Client Id?

    Hi, I want to install directadmin. My hosting company gave me a Directadmin license key linked to my server Ip address. Did they miss to give me the client ID? or where can i find the client id ? thank you.
  12. jojolafrite

    all emails sent from wordpress end up in junk (exim problem)

    Hi, After installing exim 4.85 from custombuild, i have noticed an issue when exim sends emails from wordpress (even with using SMTP plugin). It adds a line in the email and then all the emails end up in the junk folder. In fact, i think i have found the root cause of the problem but i don't...
  13. jojolafrite

    Warning about migrating to Centos 7

    I just want to raise a warning for those who want to migrate to centos 7. I think Centos 7 isn't mature enough for moving a server to Centos 7 in production. 1. I think centos 7 isn't still mature enough to be used in production. There are issues with network interfaces right now (with the...
  14. jojolafrite

    SSL & SHA1 - obsolete cryptography vs modern cryptography

    You don't see obsolete cryptography on directadmin admin page?? Like the following?
  15. jojolafrite

    SSL & SHA1 - obsolete cryptography vs modern cryptography

    Joshua, no problem with my code in httpd-ssl.conf The problem is in directadmin.conf when you turn on the HTTPS for directadmin web admin page. In chrome, If you click on the padlock just before the url, you will see: It is only me???
  16. jojolafrite

    SSL & SHA1 - obsolete cryptography vs modern cryptography

    I don't know if you are aware of it but when we allow SHA1 in the cyphersuite & if we use https for a domain on directadmin, we get a message when we click on https icon of Google chrome in the URL field saying that we use an obsolete cryptography. Your connection to your "domain" is encrypted...
  17. jojolafrite

    how can i change permissions in /var/www/html/

    Hi, For some reasons at /var/www/html/phpMyAdmin, my owner and group switched to root:root However, it should be webapps:webapps. Now, phpmyadmin is not available. I have tried to do a chown webapps:webapps /var/www/html/phpMyAdmin while logged as root but it does not work. The user:group...
  18. jojolafrite

    No data to show in domain administration

    hi, I have changed the name of my one of my domain name (under the Admin login) & unfortunately after some actions all the domains disappeared in "domain administration" & i can only read "no data to show". However, i have access to all the domain names & their website work well including the...
  19. jojolafrite

    Directadmin so much better than Plesk

    I just moved all my websites from a server running Plesk 12 to a server running DirectAdmin & and i am so satisfied because: 1. You don't force your customers to use the reverse proxy apache + nginx. On the other hand, in Plesk it is installed by Default and it makes the configuration of apache...