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    Only accept mail from a specific mailserver for some domains

    Hi Guys, We are using an external spamfilter machine to keep spam away from our hosting (DA) machines. That works for 90% of the spam, but some spammers send mail directly to the hosting server instead of the spamfilter server. I think that they just do an hostname lookup on the domain, not on...
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    Using a dedicated 'spamd' or 'spamassassin' server

    Hi Guys, One of my hosting machines have high spamloads. I would like to run the spamd/spamassassin on another server and connect to the main server for email/spam handling. Is this possible? I know all about bSMTP/Transperant spamfiltering and stuff like that, but I think that running DA's...
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    Load balanced hosting setup (5 servers)

    Hey guys, There are a lot of topics about load balancing, but my idea is a bit different, I think. :) I want to make the following: - 1 SQL-server (Dual opteron) - 1 Fileserver (SATA raid5) - 1 Load balancer (LVS) So far, so good. I can define the SQL server in mysql.conf (I've done that...
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    Subdomain script should not add directory

    Hi, One of my clients uses the directadmin API to create a subdomain, that goes fine. He wants to add a subdomain without creating the directory, because he already made it in the same script. Is there a way to do this? We want it because the script makes this directory with the right...
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    Automate things on user signup

    Hi guys, I've made a nice script to setup awstats for users. The syntax is: makeawstats $ $username Because my client adds a lot of domains, he wants me to make something to automate this when I add a new user. How can I do this? I saw there is some script that executes on...
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    Sshd: Too many allow users

    Hi, I think I've found some bug or something. My client added a new account today, and suddenly ssh stopped. I had telnet running on the local network interface so I was able to fix it. The error was: [root@server1 root]# service sshd restart Stopping sshd...
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    Apache runs, but doesn't accept anything

    Hi, I have a strange problem almost every day. I don't know how to fix it. Clients call me that their websites doesn't work. When I have a look, the connections are accepted but doesn't send any data. Then I get a timeout after a few seconds. The only solution is restarting apache, but it...
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    Reseller restore

    (John: I've send this by mail, but maybe it was a little long. Let's ask your clients..) ;) I have 6 directadmin servers. 5 Of them are live servers and 1 spare/backupserver with DA running empty. My plan is to restore a backup on the empty machine when some other machine crashes. I make...
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    Can't create subfolders

    Hey Guys, One of my clients has a problem with IMAP. He is unable to create subfolders.. I've readed some topic about this, but I cannot find a solution or any reason for this. I've put a screenshot on Does anybody know how to use the subfolders...
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    [Spam] Blocking all TDL's unless .nl

    Hi, Because of an enormous amount of spam on one of our pop accounts, we want to accept only mails from .nl clients. For all the other mails to the pop, we want to send an email that we do not read it. For example, mails something real, we block it and send hem an email that we...
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    Cannot remove ip-adress

    Hi, I've added 8 ip's to directadmin, and that works pretty nice. But now I want to remove an ip, and that doesn't work. I select an ip, i do remove and when the page refreshes, it's still there (in the db, and on the system). Because I needed to take that ip down, i did it with ifconfig, but...
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    relay for a specific host

    Hi, One of my clients wants to use exim on the webhosting server als smtp relay. I tried to play around with the hostlist host_accept_relay = function, but that doesn't do the trick. It only relays for local domains. He just wants to send it to his clients and I want to...
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    Problems with outgoing apache mails

    Hi, One of my clients asked me why he doesn't receive mails from apache. When i look in the logfile, I get: 2003-12-15 23:09:44 1AW0uN-0006dP-Vb ** R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp: SMTP error from remote mailer after MAIL FROM:<> SIZE=1872: host
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    Permanent changes in domains' httpd.conf

    Hi, How can I permanently change things in the virtualhost of my domain? For example i have, then i have a httpd.conf for it. When i make changes in this file, it's getting overwritten. Note: I want to allow some directory's for cgi-execution.. Jesper
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    Serverside includes

    Hi, I'm using my own parser to parse a clients data to virtualhosts, and they look like this: <virtualhost> servername documentroot /home/recreatief/public_html/gids/abonnementen/ transferlog...
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    Cronned backups on specified path

    Hi, For my backups I have a NFS volume on (for example) /backups. How can i make my directadmin backups over here instead of the normal path? Or do I have to make symlinks or something? What is the easyest and best way? And: Can i automate a nice backup from the whole directadmin structure...
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    2 configuration questions

    Hi guys, I want to ask you 2 more things. 1: Can i change (for example) *all* email adresses from users in my reseller account and can i do the same with DNS? I have to add users today, but I'm not sure about the DNS servers yet. I guess this is possible (because you move stuff sometimes)...
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    Apache/SSL issue

    Hi, Everytime when i (re)start my apache i see: [root@jongerenweb modules]# apachectl start Syntax error on line 34 of /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/servicez/httpd.conf: Invalid command 'SSLEngine', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration...
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    sql problems

    Hi, I just installed my first directadmin: great! I already love it (way more then i did with plesk) One problem. When logged in as a user/admin/whatever i want to manage sql databases but I see the error: Error connecting to MySQL: Access denied for user: 'da_admin@localhost' (Using...