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  1. tristan

    directadmin.conf values

    Is there any chance this page could be updated?
  2. tristan

    DKIM not running

    I think these are only generated after you hit Enable DKIM:
  3. tristan

    DKIM not running

    Maybe it's only supported in the new Evolution skin?
  4. tristan

    New Directadmin forum

    Wow, that's a nice surprise this morning, great work!
  5. tristan

    Roundcube 1.4.0 released

    Looked forward to this one for quite some time, looks like they just released 1.4:
  6. tristan

    Restrict PHPMyAdmin access

    As a security measure remove the public facing PHPMyAdmin install on DirectAdmin hosts at and move it somewhere inside the admin panel itself behind a DirectAdmin user login.
  7. tristan

    DCC, Razor2 & Pyzor options when enabling SpamAssassin/Rspamd

    It would be very nice to have the option in CB2 to enable DCC, Razor2 & Pyzor when enabling SpamAssassin/Rspamd. This would really help filtering more spam for our users.
  8. tristan

    ESF changelogs

    Maybe more of a feature request but it would be quite helpful to have a changelog added on:
  9. tristan

    Roundcube 1.3.9 released
  10. tristan

    Selecting a dropdown doesn't work

    Updated Evolution today, running on 1.55.0 with Safari 12.0.2 on Mac OS X and can't select an option in a dropdown list. For example on reseller/create-user-package at the Skin dropdown I can't select anything other than the default selected Skin.
  11. tristan

    Semi automatic email from Brute Force Monitor to ip abuse contact

    Would be very nice to have the option to send a semi automatic email directly from Brute Force Monitor page to the abuse contact of an ip address. Just a standard text informing the admin at this abuse address of said abuse and a small sample of the Brute Force log coming from this ip. An added...
  12. tristan

    Experience with MagicSpam® PRO for DirectAdmin

    Does anyone overhere have experience with the new-ish MagicSpam® PRO edition? emailed back and forth with their sales team since the release of the Pro version this year but they still don't have any documentation or screenshots...
  13. tristan

    IP Information links on Brute Force Monitor page missing?

    Maybe I'm overlooking something but can't find the links to the Ip Information page like: CMD_BRUTE_FORCE_MONITOR?ipinfo= on the new admin/brute-force-monitor page, manually typing: admin/brute-force-monitor?ipinfo= doesn't work either. Any suggestions?
  14. tristan

    Loading the System Backup page displays Error Captured

    Loading the System Backup page at admin/system-backup/basic will put up this Error: Error Captured inside render on “input-text” CLOSE REPORT BACK Data Route Name admin/system-backup Route Query {} Route Params { "tab": "basic" } Domain User admin User Level admin TypeError: undefined is...
  15. tristan

    Increase autogenerated passwords length

    Would be nice to have the autogenerated password length increased from 10 to at least 16 characters or maybe add this to the admin settings so we can set this ourselves.
  16. tristan

    Tooltip on "leave dns" when removing user

    Could we have the tooltip displayed on the delete user modal? DELETE USER DELETE CLOSE Are you sure you want to delete selected user? Leave DNS I always have to look up what DA exactly means by "Leave DNS" since it could mean a couple of things. In the old skin there was a tooltip explaining...
  17. tristan

    404 with links in admin mails to CMD_TICKET page

    When I get a DirectAdmin admin email like: A new message or response with subject: Warning: 1 emails have just been sent by herman has arrived for you to view. Follow this link to view it:
  18. tristan

    Two-Step Authentication and Manage Security Questions not accessible anymore

    The Two-Step Authentication and Manage Security Questions pages as linked on the Change your Password page are not accessible anymore if the admin or reseller in question doesn't have a domain, it will just put out this error: ERROR No Domains There is no default domain; you should start with...
  19. tristan

    SSL Certificates always defaults to Use the server's certificate

    The SSL Certificates always defaults to "Use the server's certificate" also if you're using for example "Free & automatic certificate from Let's Encrypt". I would expect the option you have saved to re-appear when revisiting the SSL Certificates page. Using version...
  20. tristan

    Scrollbar cut of on users list

    The horizontal scrollbar used for scrolling within tables of long domain names on for example reseller/users is cut of by the next row. Using version c1c48c7546772d7feb7bb0a22b631b00980e5fb8 on Safari 12.0 on Mac OS X. After hovering over that field for a second it does show correctly.