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  1. Peter Laws

    PHP versions

    Is there a way to choose the PHP version for NEW accounts and NEW domains? php1 = 5.6 < need to remove actually php2 = 7.2 php3 = 7.3 I'd like php2 for new accounts/domains..... Possible? Via pre/post script? Or? Also, how do I get rid of PHP 5.6 then have php1 as 7.2 if I already have 7.2...
  2. Peter Laws

    Sort files in tmp directory

    I noticed there are 'sort<random 6 alphanumeric>' files appeared/appearing in /tmp/, over 600GB of the damn things! Never ever seen this behaviour before, however, upon 'cat'ing' one of these, it appears that it's to do with a Wordpress plugin, UpDraftPlus... Anyone have any experience with...
  3. Peter Laws

    MySQL Crashes frequently

    I'm not sure what is going on here... This is an OpenVZ 6 CT that has been running flawlessly for years, however, two days ago MySQL started to crash/restart at random intervals. A client mucked up their wordpress database, so I reimported a .sql backup via phpmyadmin.... This is when this...
  4. Peter Laws

    HTTP/2 Denial of Service Advisory ? It affects our implementations?
  5. Peter Laws

    SFTP when authorized_keys enabled (in Putty) using Filezilla

    How do you use Filezilla with SFTP but without it looking at Putty's configuration for authorized_keys by default? Am I being stupid?
  6. Peter Laws

    Compile errors with OpenSSL?

    Debian 9. There's too much to paste, so I'm going just to paste a few lines. This is repeated errors for more .c files than this. ext/openssl/.libs/xp_ssl.o: In function `sk_X509_num':/usr/include/openssl/x509.h:97: undefined reference to `OPENSSL_sk_num' ext/openssl/.libs/xp_ssl.o: In...
  7. Peter Laws

    Backup notifications

    It would be good to have an option to choose what email alerts are sent/added to the messaging system for backups. eg. * All emails (successful too); * Just error emails (similar to the previous LetsEncrypt failure alerts, I know now it generates certs in the background then alerts you if...
  8. Peter Laws

    Suggestion: API and

    The API is rubbish as it is, but it should have a separate optional WHITELIST and not look at the scripts. or make - if it's not already - the IP that is in the /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ip_whitelist bypass these scripts. When you need to change the IP(s)...
  9. Peter Laws

    www.|SUBDOMAIN| in templates

    Do we really need the www with sub-domains these days? Ok, some people like them, some don't - I'm the latter. What were the reasons behind them? Not sure if this can be done, but, can we at least have an option to turn these off without needing to edit the templates?
  10. Peter Laws New installs

    Although improved, I had some issues. 1. The setup asked what software is to be installed, except for MySQL/MariaDB. I understand MariaDB is the default for many OS (using Debian 9), and it is fairly easy to switch afterwards, but it's tedious; 2. wasn't in the scripts...
  11. Peter Laws

    php_release 5.6 fpm to 7.2 mod_php

    I had php1_release=5.6 php1_mode=php-fpm php2_release=7.2 php2_mode=php-fpm but I changed it to php1_release=7.2 php1_mode=mod_php php2_release=5.6 php2_mode=php-fpm However, when I ./build php_expert 7.2 mod_php, I get loads of these: In file included from...
  12. Peter Laws

    Custombuild cron

    OS: Debians Woke up to find errors on the cron for a few boxes, now CB2 plugin states "There are no updates available" when there are....... line 1686:
  13. Peter Laws

    opcache & opcache.fast_shutdown

    I had to disable this, as it interfered with Wordpress's Elementor for some reason...... How would I handle this, I mean, omitting opcache.fast_shutdown=1 in the 10-directadmin.ini files. They get rewritten whenever you build php, right?
  14. Peter Laws

    php-fpm and memory

    Ever since I moved from mod_php, memory usage has been shocking.. 8gb VM with 2gb swap, php 5.6 and 7.2...... After a while, memory and swap can occasionally run out (0)....... When I restart the fpm's, memory is free'd, before I restart them, usage can be up to 3gb. I know 8gb is not that...
  15. Peter Laws

    Apache & http2

    Just realised a weird issue. I compiled http2 to Apache.... But I'm seeing http1.1 requests for domains, h2 requests to the main hostname.
  16. Peter Laws

    PHP selector

    There used to be 2 PHP selectors, now I see only 1
  17. Peter Laws

    Tried to update MySQL.... and..... boom

    I tried upgrading MySQL via CB2 plugin, but it must had stalled, as now it has died. Luckily its a newish server........ Recompiling wont work, nor the scripts/ It just tries to shut down/start up when attempting a mysql_force_compile=yes What I found is, when it downloads the...
  18. Peter Laws

    Cannot build curl 7.62.0

    I asked this on another thread but I'm going to ask again here. Debian 7 and 8. I did change the curl build script to add http2 support as instructed here but 7.62. fails with CC ../lib/curl-curl_ctype.o CCLD curl../lib/.libs/ undefined reference to `SSL_CTX_set_alpn_protos'...
  19. Peter Laws

    OpenSSL 1.1.1

    Do I assume the repositories have yet to offer this version? Namely, Debian (7+). I assume we need to compile it manually if we want to offer TLS 1.3.
  20. Peter Laws

    MySQL socket location and Perl DBI::mysql

    It seems that my MySQL socket is in /usr/local/mysql/data/, which is symlink'd to /home/mysql/.... Not sure if I changed it or what. However, a client tried to install DADAMail via Installatron, it kept failing. Initially thought it was an Apache +ExecCGI issue, but it turned out it wasn't...