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    My Post is in reference to this feature. I noticed the Default for User account hashes are still MD5. Unless you set crypt_method=6 in directadmin.conf. Is there a reason we should still be using this older method? Is there some reason not to...
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    How best to upgrade a lower license to higher license

    Seeing a-lot of presales type questions or post sales type questions around changing license types. Might be good if we had good tight list of what the client should do.
  3. bdacus01

    Chart of License Capability

    Seeing a-lot of presales type questions or post sales type questions around the real capability of certain license types. Might be good if we had good tight list of what each license can do.
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    Simple Guide to Email Blacklist

    All: I am no wizard. Dont claim to be. If this helps someone awesome. If you all want me to add to it just say add this..
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    Help Link on forum

    Can we add a navigation tab linked to the Help pages? Please... In the admin console of xenforo it is under navigation admin.php?navigation/ Docs: section: Editing and adding new items You can completely customize the public navigation, building...
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    RoundCube Auto login

    Hey everyone, Wanted to see if anyone had issues with The Roundcube one didn't seem to work for me. Had to do a few things. The PMA is fine works as expected based on the feature. 1) Discovered it wont install if you have a custom Roundcube config...
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    RoundCube Plus Skins and Plugins

    All: First if this isn't allowed to ask please just delete it. Have any of you all used this company RoundCube Plus. They make skins and plugins for RoundCube. The work seems nice. Note: I know RC is making a new skin for 1.4
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    Setup IMAP folders.

    All: This was born out of these 2 posts. and Its a general How to get IMAP folders working based on the general structure of Inbox Sent Drafts Junk Trash Archive Some general Notes to...
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    Login Keys not working.

    Bug for Login Keys ​
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    A few weeks in with DirectAdmin and my thoughts

    A few weeks in with DirectAdmin and my thoughts. I haven’t discovered everything. DirectAdmin at its core is great piece of software. These of course are MHO. They are also generalities. Note: I am not looking for a debate. I am simply a Client voicing his opinion. I am not mad or angry...
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    Replace Squirrelmail with AfterLogic?

    It just a thought. They have already made it work with Plesk and cPanel.
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    RoundCube Skins and Plugins

    All: I am wondering if I get some new plugins and skins. Will ./build roundcube Overwrite these additions at anytime?
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    CXS guide for Directadmin

    This guide is for CentOS 7 and CXS 11 You must have a License from the vendor for this product. I am not affiliated with csf. You may want the EPEL repo installed. This guide does not cover that if you need it. You must have Clamav in options.conf and...
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    DKIM smushed it all...

    All: I want to let you all know about the DNS sections I have dkim=1 and wrap_long_dns_values=1 in directadmin.conf However the records are as we say way smushed to the left Screenshot attached. Is there a way to make all the records more balanced across the screen. Like they were...
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    CustomBuild cheat sheet.

    All: I copy and pasted a lot of some of the forum posts (mostly from smtalk) into a cheat sheet. Mainly so I have it on my Computer or handy if not on the forum. I just thought I would share it. Feel free to correct it or add to it. It just an expedient. I have no claim being anything but a...
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    told me to report

    In the Admin backup panel a red box pops out on bottom right. Is here good or is there a bug report area? Error Saving Settings Config::verify_values: types_cf_t is null. Report to DirectAdmin support
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    Curl fix for Lets encrypt

    Can this just be added in to the Script and made part of the standard.
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    webmail default

    Can we have this just be implemented in the system by default? Or At least have directadmin.conf option for 1 do webmail as subdomain or 0 dont? Notes and Clarification: When I say "default" I don't mean a forced on everyone make it...
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    General Differences from DirectAdmin vs others

    I think it could be good for someone to at high level differentiate how DA works at the system level. I say this because a lot of the new folks (Welcome BTW) are coming from the Binary RPM world to the Mostly Source world of DA. I think it might help to sort of say you just can't do this or...
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    Skin options

    So is it possible to have the skin options I want just set during the Server install. Example I like the sidebar layout and I want to have my logo set. On server install I can set my options.conf to do all the software choices. Also can set nameservers and email with email.txt and ns1.txt...