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  1. r3chn3r

    You cannot update Exim to a newer version that 4.94

    Excellent. Thank you for posting your solution. It helped me quickly resolve this exact issue.
  2. r3chn3r

    Want to buy Directadmin External Lifetime License

    Is that even allowed?
  3. r3chn3r

    i want to buy 1 lifetime external license from someone?

    I had a cPanel lifetime license too. Sold it. Not only cause I could, but because directadmin does all I've ever needed it to do. Also, cPanel will let their stuff go outdated and allow security issues creep in if you don't continue to pay for the updates. In this aspect, directadmin is...
  4. r3chn3r

    i want to buy 1 lifetime external license from someone?

    I guess that depends. Was very worthwhile to own when we could sell and recoup costs. It wasn't a sustainable business model to sell lifetime licenses and fraud keeps us from selling the licenses we have. Premium has a price.
  5. r3chn3r

    i want to buy 1 lifetime external license from someone?

    Yeah, those tomes have past.
  6. r3chn3r

    verifying reseller?

    Well, gosh... That got awfully complicated awfully quick.
  7. r3chn3r

    Backup rotation?

    ugh.. really?
  8. r3chn3r

    verifying reseller?

    You don't. It is not allowed anymore. Avoid the scam like the corona virus..
  9. r3chn3r

    Public_html Directory

    yeah.. looks like you've got an issue connecting your site to your host provider. Make the IP listed here match the listed IP address for the 'A' record here. You do that by telling the registrar to point your domain to the name servers your host provided you. Looks like you've kind of sort of...
  10. r3chn3r

    DirectAdmin Amazon S3 Backup Support

    Not bad. Monthly pricing structure though? really?
  11. r3chn3r

    roundcube question

    Hmmm.. my support ran out awhile back. might be better to start from scratch since this isn’t a server in production. Hopefully a new install corrects it all. I am surprised im the only one having this problem as i havent done anything out of the ordinary. Thanks zEitEr
  12. r3chn3r

    roundcube question

    lol I'd be super embarrassed if that could fix this. Thx tho
  13. r3chn3r

    roundcube question

    Hello, I recently started a server and decided to use openlitespeed to try it out. It seems to work well but I noticed Roundcube doesn't load now. I put it back to apache but still no Roundcube so I figure that can't be it. I'm using custombuild 2.0 to manage all of this. Any tips where I can...
  14. r3chn3r

    Disable all those page loading animation ?

    Must be like an illusion. I’ve always thought enhanced was super fast compared to Evolution. I have never brought myself to actually time it though. In the end, I don’t think it bothers users at all. Besides the, “It is just different” comment, everyone loves it.
  15. r3chn3r

    New documentation

    down for me too right now.
  16. r3chn3r


    When it doesn't scroll independently form the main content panel sure. It's those scroll bars that kill it for me. It is still VERY good.
  17. r3chn3r


    Sidebar. I mean it isn't absolutely horrible, but it does detract from the feeling cPanel or the enhanced theme gives users. If I knew how, I'd put the icons on enhanced with a few of the new options from evolution like the dark theme and call it a masterpiece.
  18. r3chn3r


    I don't think they are iframes. Just plain frames.
  19. r3chn3r


    I noticed in hybrid and icon grid modes, the panel displays in a couple of frames. Frames are ugly and very 1990s.. In this aspect, I feel like we are going backwards.
  20. r3chn3r

    we need to stress jetbackup!

    This is great news. I know my customers would like this. Currently, I rely on the native backup solution and a lot of times, I end up doing the restores on the behalf of the customer.