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    Scan for SQL injection with Brute Force Monitor

    Hi Freddy, Looks like you've found a bug! :) I was able to duplicate it here, and have sorted it out: The fix is now in the pre-release binaries. If you'd like to get them now, use this: John
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    Let's Encrypt: Certificate won't renew for one particular domain (.san_conf error)

    Hello, Would you be able to try the pre-release binaries? This might be fixed already. Let us know if that works. If not, please create a ticket, we may need to login to check. The first thing I'd be looking for would be a retry file set to 0 in...
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    Webmail One-click login with /webmail path

    Added: It's in the pre-release binaries now. Happy new year :) John
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    FreeBSD 12.1 Setup Testing

    Brent, you're the man of the hour :) I've pushed CB 2624 with the pkg -y fix. Thanks for the report on the mysql patches when mariadb is being installed. CB was only checking for mysql version 5.7, but didn't check for mysql_inst=mysql :) CB 2625 now has this fix as well. Thanks again! Happy...
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    Possible Bug in DA - Global IP not assigned to resellers automatically

    Thanks for the report. Reproduced and fixed. Pre-release binaries should be up in 5 minutes. John
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    Translations website announcement

    We've created a website for centralized translations: See the announcement here: John
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    Translations Website:

    Hello, We've added a Weblate website for the DirectAdmin backend, and Evolution skin, ready for community contributions: This should finally provide a centralized location for language management, and eventually we'll have an simple/automatic way for language...
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    FreeBSD 12.1 Setup Testing

    Thanks for the feedback. 'pkg_info' swapped to 'pkg info' I believe "pkg: illegal option -- y" refers to a "-y" option somewhere, but I couldn't track it down. The " -- " field is just an output separator for the error. Not sure where that's coming from though.. so it's probably 'pkg...
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    FreeBSD 12.1 Setup Testing

    Update: I've found the needed patches to get 5.7.31 compiled on FreeBSD 12. So using the mysql_force_compile=yes should now build a proper set of mysql 5.7.31 binaries for FreeBSD 12. In addition, since I was able to create a set of binaries in a tar.gz, I've also added it to files1, and synced...
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    FreeBSD 12.1 Setup Testing

    Thanks for the info, we'll get to the bottom of it. Current no resolution quite yet, but there are no FreeBSD 12 binaries for 5.7 at the moment. We're working on the compile issues for 5.7, trying to see if we can remove the mysql plugins that break the compile. For anyone looking for a...
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    Control over HTTP Header: Server: DirectAdmin Daemon ?

    Thanks for the info. Yes, fair enough. I've changed the default to 0 for the next release: pre-release binaries are going up now.
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    Possible Bug in DA - Global IP not assigned to resellers automatically

    No ETA at this time, but we do want a release out before the end of the year, so a release candidate shouldn't be "too far" away.
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    Possible Bug in DA - Global IP not assigned to resellers automatically

    Here's the feature: Note I opted for #1, and using pipes | rather than colons : because IPv6 use colons, and IPv6 values are allowed. Pre-release binaries are available now. John
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    Email line break

    Try setting your email address for the Message System to be something local, like, and generate a message there to see if it's been modified or not. If not, but sending through Sendgrid, then your suspicion may be correct. John
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    Email line break

    Hi guys, I've just checked the code, and the |TYPE| token in the data/templates/message_user.txt template, would be hardcoded to either "message" or "ticket". Because we're seeing an extra newline and = character, I'm suspecting something with the template itself. Check:cd...
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    MultiServer issue

    I'd recommend running debug on the B end to confirm the request is coming in as expected. 1) If B is doing some redirect, then on box A, ensure all settings match 100% what the final redirect ends up as. Eg, use instead of an IP address so that the "Host" is being passed (If I...
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    Possible Bug in DA - Global IP not assigned to resellers automatically

    Hi guys, When creating a Reseller with the ip=sharedreseller option, it assumes you've got 1+ IPs set in the Reseller Package, and DA will only snag "free" IPs from the list for this value. I've confirmed there is no build-in way to automatically add a global IP to a Reseller upon their...
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    Can't change open_basedir setting

    If you're running Enhanced, then your URLs would be correct (I was referencing the Evolution skin). With php-fpm enabled, apache does not run php, the php-fpm server does, hence the php-fpm method. If php were to be run though mod_php, then apache does control it and the OBD changes would go...
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    Can't change open_basedir setting

    I'd personally aim for the per-account php-fpm.conf settings, rather than a .ini override that all other User's would "load" even if it's out of their path/host.Admin Level » Custom Httpd Config » php-fpmwhich should being you to a URL that might look like this, if it's for User...
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    Information for anyone creating/paying for/deleting licenses using the licensing API

    In an attempt to move forward and unify the website code, we've created new php scripts for license creation, deletion and balance payments. (see the updated API documentation in your API clients area). We've used an .htaccess to redirect the cgi-bin urls to the php urls, so there should be no...