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    backup can't access mysql

    When I try to backup at the user-level (logged in as admin and then go to user-level) I always get these error when I try to make a backup: Error while backing up database admin_joom Error while backing up database admin_joom: The sql file is 0 bytes in size...
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    Dear, I am not really sure what I'm doing wrong, but my skin isn't working on my DA. I copied the whole enhanced directory to my PC so I have the right directory/file structure for the skin. The only thing I changed where the images I wanted to use and I saved them with the exact name and...
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    multiple admins for 1 account

    Dear DA'ers, I have an issue with my account. I installed DirectAdmin and created an admin account. With that admin account I just pressed User Level on the right side and added my domain and everything with that domain (emails etc...) Now I get the question from other people in our...