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  1. mangelot

    Get an error when Installing Directadmin

    Clean install on centos7 x86_64, yum updated! directadmin pre-install commands installed running stops with aborting install... Found /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/mysql/MariaDB-client-10.1.41-1.el7.centos.x86_64.rpm Found...
  2. mangelot

    cwaf update error rule set 1.109

    Hello We noticed an update error in Comodo ModSecurity Rule Set 1.108 update to 1.109 is available After custombuild install httpd doesn't start service httpd restart Stopping httpd: [ OK ] Starting httpd: httpd: Syntax error on line 51 of...
  3. mangelot

    custombuild 2 with fastcgi

    Noticed many errors in apache error log. Broken pipe: [client xx.xx.xx.xx:43353] mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request_ipc function I know its related to fcgid.conf (php - fastcgi default) <IfModule mod_fcgid.c> FcgidIPCDir /var/run/fcgidsock SharememPath /var/run/fcgid_shm...
  4. mangelot

    optimal hdd config directadmin

    Hello, I'm wondering what kind off HDD results/config other directadmin user have to optimize directadmin I/O performance? Cannot find much info on the forum about this. The facts we currently use this raid layout: Centos 6 (ext4) raid 5 (3 disks array + 1 hotspare) Shunk size 64kb Stripe...
  5. mangelot

    Not receiving bounce emails from exim (spamblocker4 +clamav)

    Hello, One question when a specified message gets blocked bij exim rules rbl or clamav and result is an deny message. Why ist it returned (bounced back) to sender? with the deny message why it is blocked. Example: sending email to user on server, with attachment file (.bat) exim.conf...
  6. mangelot

    php4 and php 5 both CGI with suphp possible?

    Hello, I'm wondering if it's possible to install php4 and php5 both as CGI with suphp? I've some customers complaining about the fact that httpd is running as user apache on php5. so i would like to change php5 to use cgi and suphp to force httpd run as user. or change php4 to cli en php to cgi...
  7. mangelot

    Php Extension Check (free)

    I've just created my first plugin :) It wil show you the installed extensions vor PHP (like curl, gd, mysql, openssl etc..) For download Download at Mangelot Hosting - Click here example output: any suggestions are welcome ! Regards, Marco
  8. mangelot

    API suspend domains as admin, not the entire account.

    Hello, Request for API command suspending domain from user/reseller as admin. Not the entire account but only for domain(s). See forum post for info: regards Marco
  9. mangelot

    which API command should I use for domain supend?

    Hello, I'm wondering what is the best method to suspend domains as admin. I dont want to suspend the entire user account, but only the (unpaid) domain. I would like to achive this for our billing system, that if a user didn't pay for a domain the domain gets suspended. and his other domains...
  10. mangelot

    dns migration question.

    Hello, We have a question about dns migration. currently we have our dns server managed by a third party dns provider. we would like to move to domain records back to our own directadmin servers. the dns provider supports axfr protocol to receive the domains. but how can we migrate the records...
  11. mangelot

    Mydns external dns servers tranfer.

    Hello I'm working on a new project regarding mydns (mysql dns server) and mydnsconfig (control panel). I have both master and slave (mysql replication) running. I have made the files: /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/custom like this: for reference: ip-mydns-server1 = master server mydns...
  12. mangelot

    modules apache included in custombuild

    Hey, Is it possible to give more options on the modules for apache to install with custombuild? like mod_expires, mod-Cache etc.. so we can select during install or bij options.conf what modules should be installed extra. regards Marco
  13. mangelot

    log files problem !

    Why are my logfiles not complete (on multiple servers)? if we visit /var/log/httpd/domains/ the file only contains the word bytes at every line: bytes bytes bytes bytes bytes and if we visit /var/log/httpd/domains/ we only see this inside the file on every line...
  14. mangelot

    DA Multiserver BUG ?

    We have 2 DA servers on a OpenVZ hardwareNODE, And would like to use the multiserver feature. On server A we added under multiserver the ip of server B. test connection is OK On server B we added under multiserver the ip of server A test connection is OK in CSF firewall poort 2222 is open (we...
  15. mangelot

    howto build vds node with directadmin.

    is there anybody who has experencie with building a vps node with directadmin containers, We have a hardware node (centos with openvz) with ip ending on .51 on eth0 and created an container with ip ending on .54 venet0:0 but you say we need also need the .51 ip on the container If we do this...
  16. mangelot

    how to on openvz?

    Hello, Is it possible to install one directadmin license on multiple containers (openvz)? Is there an howto for installing this? we are having difficulties with installing on containers. the hardware node has the main license ip *.*.*.51 and the container *.*.*.54 during install in the...
  17. mangelot

    Optimizing Apache2 !

    Hello, Does anybody has some optimized /httpd-mpm.conf for apache2. I'm using an Xeon 3.06, 2 gb memory Centos 5.x Its seems the load is high on httpd processes. top output: top - 21:00:10 up 10 days, 4:04, 2 users, load average: 2.99, 2.48, 2.73 Tasks: 154 total, 9 running, 145...
  18. mangelot

    feature request.

    Some Feature requests First feature request: limit user accounts by CBand module The Cband Apache module can be downloded from the official website here: This module provides full bandwith limiting of all Apache VirtualHosts. First reference the newly added module...
  19. mangelot

    Dns control panel.

    Hello directadmin friends, I've have a Question: Is there an dns (plugin?) for users that only have a domainname and no hosting. to setup te dns records en email forwarding.etc.. Something like Email_level_plugin, but then only Dns_level :confused: greetz, Marco
  20. mangelot

    yum install ncftp error

    Hello, has anybody have found a solution for this error during ncftp install: --- bash command= yum install ncftp --- . .. .... ..... ....... ..... Installing the programs ..... /usr/bin/install -c bin/ncftp "/usr/bin/ncftp" /usr/bin/install -c bin/ncftpget "/usr/bin/ncftpget" /usr/bin/install...