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  1. enginaar

    Cannot restore backups using MariaDB 5.5

    Hi, I'm trying to transfer accounts from one server to another but failing with a MySQL error even though the version on both servers are the same. I'm getting the error below for every user that I'm trying to restore. This happens both admin and reseller level backups. Error altering user...
  2. enginaar

    Per Domain Certificate for IMAP/POP3/SMTP

    Hi, I'm having trouble using mail_sni feature. I believe I've passed all the requirements described here but when I test the certificate on mail services I get the server's certificate instead of Steps: 1. Checked the mail sni...
  3. enginaar

    Cannot access to

    Hi, Is anyone able to access the URL below? I'm trying to run update using custombuild but it's failing. I cannot access this URL from my home network either. Is there a way to change the server custombuild is trying...
  4. enginaar

    Admin Backup/Transfer is Confusing

    Hi, I've been using Admin Backup/Transfer to migrate accounts to a newly installed server. I'm picking user1 belonging to reseller1 and selecting upload to ftp. When the backup is complete I'm seeing a file named user.admin.user1.tar.gz at the new server and when I restore the file it restores...
  5. enginaar

    DirectAdmin not loading after MySQL re-install

    Hi, I've used the instructions at the links below to replace MariaDB with MySQL and DA stopped loading. Directadmin service is working but when I try to access the panel it keeps loading forever. I got roundcube working by reinstalling it via custombuild, and noticed I can't login to phpmyadmin...
  6. enginaar

    Error: Forwarder already exists

    Hi All, I'm trying to create a forwarder that I deleted but getting the error "Forwarder already exists" when I type the username in the field for forwarder name. I'm trying to create a forwarder for the main account. Not sure if that's a problem. I found the below two posts from 2007 but...
  7. enginaar

    MySQL won't connect from websites

    Hi, I'm having an issue with connecting to mysql. Mysql process is up and running, I can connect and query using mysql in shell but websites and phpmyadmin won't connect. I've got the following settings. [client] port = 3306 socket = /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock [mysqld] port...
  8. enginaar

    Enabling TLS 1.2 Protocol

    Hello, I'm trying to enable tls 1.2 protocol on my server. I've upgraded to custombuild2, apache 2.4, openSSL 1.0.2g 1 Mar 2016. I've ran following commands but still can't seem to get it working for some reason. ./build update ./build rewrite_confs /etc/httpd/conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf is...
  9. enginaar

    Exim mainlog shows error but then says completed

    Hi, I've a weird problem that I couldn't figure out why. I wasn't able to get e-mails from one particular domain so I checked the exim mainlog file. The results was like below. 2013-09-20 23:57:48 1VN7ls-0000of-JK <= sender-email-address H=sender-mail-server [sender-ip-address] P=esmtps...
  10. enginaar

    multiple dataskq processes at the same time

    Is this normal? I found this in syslog after I got several notices that system load average is 196.74 and it's happening periodically everyday for the last 2 weeks.
  11. enginaar

    How to list all cron jobs created by users

    Hello, I'm having trouble with system load for a week and the only thing I could find about the cause so far is that there are 3 directadmin dataskq cron jobs running at the same time with when high load appears. I don't have any cron jobs set but one of the users in the server might have it...
  12. enginaar

    Missing ftp accounts after restore

    Hello, I've transfered my users from my old CentOS 5 server to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS but there were some missing ftp accounts in some users. What I mean is, the user's main ftp account was missing in some of them. I've recreated the proftpd.passwd file from /etc/shadow and it looks like working...
  13. enginaar

    Tracking multi logins to one account from different ip addresses

    Hello, I'm running csf+lfd and it helps me pretty good with brute-force attacks and tracking relays but, when a spammer captures one of the mail accounts' password with a virus or trojan on client side, it can send spam mails with little pieces, like sending to 20 or 30 recipients by logging in...
  14. enginaar

    LFD and Exim

    Hello, I'm running csf+lfd and tracking for authentication failures but, exim looks like it's not keeping all authentication failures in /var/log/maillog. I see a lot of login failures in exim's mainlog file but none of them recorded to maillog. That makes lfd to fail to recognize login...
  15. enginaar

    Relay Alerts

    Hello, I'm having a problem with csf's relay alerts. I've checked my server many times with some open relay checkers including and it's absolutely not open to relay. Also I've checked all files starting with whitelist in /etc/virtual they are all empty. Is there...
  16. enginaar

    Changing mx record

    Hello, I've changed one of my domains mx record by modifying the ip address of mail record in domains dns file and only this domains uses a remote server for mails only. It works alright but when other domains on the hosting server send mails to that domain which uses a different server for...
  17. enginaar

    Cron Job to purge all spam folders

    Hello, DA has a feature to clear selected users' spam folders and also can filter them by how old they are. So can I create a cron to clear all spams in spam folders which are 7 days older. I also want it to run server-wide. Thanks.
  18. enginaar

    Spamassassin doesn't check some mails

    Hello, There are some spam mails came which have not been checked by spamassassin. I'm using spamassassin for 2 or 3 years for my domain, didn't change anything lately but it doesn't check some mails. Here is an example header of a fugitive mail.
  19. enginaar

    spam mails not going to spamfolder

    Hello, I've configured spamassassin to send spam mails to users spamfolder but some mails are going to inbox although its labeled as spam. How can it be happen? It has a header like below
  20. enginaar

    outgoing ip address

    Hello, I've fixed something on my server but don't know what is the source of the problem. I've found an entry in ip routing main table that sets all outgoing connections' source ip as my second ip which is 85.x.x.228. I mean not the all outgoing, only to ips which's ip address starts with 85...