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  1. floyd

    How to migrate accounts from spanel

    Its fairly simple. Backup the web data, backup the databases, backup any email. Then import or upload all of that.
  2. floyd

    turn off mail notification from cron.d

    The emails you get are probably also reporting the error which is a good thing. You need to fix the error first.
  3. floyd

    Help me!!

    Do you have dkim set?
  4. floyd

    Error: Can't get unique subordinate UID range useradd on WHMCS

    Did the home directory for yiannu actually get created?
  5. floyd

    Solved Adding ipv6 to a Linux Router

    I set up a test lab in my home and everything worked as expected. So there is something wrong with the machine or software running. I am just going to replace it. I would have liked to have solved the problem but at some point I have to call it quits.
  6. floyd

    Solved Adding ipv6 to a Linux Router

    I have tried it from different machines on the inside and they all ping and pause at the exact same time. And it always pings 5 or 6 times and pauses for 27 seconds. I have run tcpdump on the router to watch for the traffic. When I run it against the LAN interface I continually see the ping...
  7. floyd

    Solved Adding ipv6 to a Linux Router

    Ok so not quite fixed. From the inside I can ping through the router to the outside 6 times and then it pauses for 27 seconds over and over. What would cause it to be blocked over and over again for 27 seconds.
  8. floyd

    Solved Adding ipv6 to a Linux Router

    I think I figured it out. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong before. But this time I did write down what I did correctly.
  9. floyd

    Solved Adding ipv6 to a Linux Router

    I have ipv6 working on the public facing interface. But I am having trouble forwarding the global ipv6 addresses through the router to the other machines in my cabinet.
  10. floyd

    Solved Adding ipv6 to a Linux Router

    I appreciate the reply. I am using global ipv6 so I think the configuration may be different.
  11. floyd

    Solved Adding ipv6 to a Linux Router

    Does anybody else use Linux as a router in their data center?
  12. floyd

    Solved Adding ipv6 to a Linux Router

    I have a linux (CentOS 7) router in my cabinet at the data center. It does all the routing for my public ipv4 addresses to the other servers in the cabinet. I have just been given some ipv6 addresses but I am not sure what to do to get started. I already have an ipv4 assigned to eth0. Can I...
  13. floyd

    Turn off www-redirection for subdomains

    Oh I thought YOU were the admin and had root access.
  14. floyd

    Question about personal license

    Just to add, the admin and the user are the same person, you. You are both admin and user. So saying that you don't want the user to change admin setting is the same as saying you don't want yourself to change settings. Do you have a split personality? One is admin and the other is user?
  15. floyd

    Turn off www-redirection for subdomains

    Maybe change the template and then rewrite the confs.
  16. floyd

    AlmaLinux support

    But the question is what will DirectAdmin develop on. We don't know that yet until they tell us.
  17. floyd

    E-mail migration from Exchange ?

  18. floyd

    Moving /home to new disk

    I would do an initial rsync and then shutdown services including crond so that nothing is changed and then do another rsync.
  19. floyd

    Sendmail difficulties after moving from Cpanel

    I stand corrected. So I go back what said originally. It looks like you are looking at web logs and not email logs. You have to look at email logs to find the problem.
  20. floyd

    A mess with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on

    2 of 10 users you say. Where did you get those numbers from? Do you have access to the web server logs and sales logs for DirectAdmin?