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  1. walo

    Disallow sending from unknow sender

    Hello, It is possible to disallow sending from unknown sender address? I want to allow sensing only from real adreesses and forwards created in the server.
  2. walo

    It is possible to transfer licenses between users?

    I guess not. In that case, how does people sell/buy used licenses?
  3. walo

    Dutch, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Russian & Spanish

    We have skins with Dutch, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Russian & Spanish languages
  4. walo

    Basic Firewall in Directadmin

    As the subject says... this is my second request for this, and i think it is very simple to make an iptables handler as KISS firewall. Just that simple. Block/allow ports/ips
  5. walo

    Stop E-mail bound with fake sender

    We know the existance of spammers that use fake mail id to spam from a mail server, is there a chance for exim to avoid sending the bouncing? thanks
  6. walo

    EXIM sender whitelist

    Hello, I am looking for a way to make a sender whitelist. Like: A file with a list of email addresses which are allowed to send email. Email defined in the "From" header. Or a file with a list of domains which are allowed to send emails, like /etc/virtual/domains Any other email or domain in...
  7. walo

    Limiting connections

    Hello, I need to limite the maximun number of connection per IP (client). I saw some modules on internet, but all of them output a 503 error when it reach the limit. What i need to do is to hold (queue) the connections. For example: if i setup a limit of 4 connections per IP, if someone want...
  8. walo

    [PlugIn] PHP Version selector FREE!

    This is the first release of the PHP Version selector plugin. PHP Version selector allow users to select which version of php want to use on each domain. Of course, the server must have 2 different version of PHP installed. It support PHP4, PHP5 and PHP6, on CLI o CGI mode. You can do any...
  9. walo slow

    I got some install errors. Files download does not complete. From a diferent network its to hard to browse
  10. walo

    Zend 3.3.0 bug

    Please, check this
  11. walo

    spamd stall when user disk quota is full

    It was pretty explained in the subject. When the User disk quota is full or over the limit the spamd process stall until we kill it manualy. Also this process cause the server overload. This happend since the dovecot upgrade, many month ago.
  12. walo

    help with perl

    i need to make a line script than can remove a specific line from the httpd.conf file I get this, but it doesn't work perl -ni -e 'unless (m//usr/local/directadmin/data/users/myuser/httpd.conf$/) { print }' /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf 2>&1Which i need to remove is a line like this one: Include...
  13. walo

    I can not create domains

    under admin user, when i try to create a domain I get this error Unable to create that domain Details You've hit your maximum disk quota and do not have enough space to create another domainDisk is 86% userd and the admin has unlimited disk space on the account.
  14. walo

    Fedora 64 bits

    Is Fedora 64-bits supported ?
  15. walo

    Full space problems

    I get some errors when user disk quota is full. 1-When a user want to send or recibe a email he get some weird error, no one tell the user that he is over their quota limit and he become angry. We must look at the log to see what's happening. 2-spamd stall using a lot of processor, 50% or...
  16. walo

    Add account

    Feature request: Set Person Name in the new account form. Thanks !!
  17. walo

    user backups

    it would be great if ADMIN have the option to make backup of all the users on the server including resellers, no only his users. also... i have a cron for make user backups all weeks, and when i delete a user i have to modify the cron because if i don't do it then i get an error. thanks
  18. walo

    /etc/virtual/usage permissions

    Can you chmod /etc/virtual/usage and it content so DirectAdmin panel can read it ? That it would be great to make a plugin basen on standard exim.conf /, to read the number of emails sent by user and it bandwidth. Thanks
  19. walo

    Apache Security Script

    The script will download and install mod_bandwidth, mod_load and mod_evasive for apache. Version 0.5 beta # wget # chmod 700 # ./ Follow the on-screen instructions, it's pretty easy. Pleace report any bug...
  20. walo

    Tokens question

    is this possible ? |*if USEREMAILMAX!="0" and USERFORWARDERMAX!="0"| .... |*endif| or how can y do that ?