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    Evolution Russian Translation - 1.532

    You can download russian translation of evolution skin here: version=8cdb48c6aa54ed4fbcc7205b484d4937eced5adb Translate includes .PO file and internal directory. Translations made by native speaker from
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    Russian language pack for Enhanced skin

    We made a Russian translation for Directadmin enhanced skin. Translation is updated regularly. The latest version of the translation is relevant for Directadmin 1.51.4
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    Bad password after transfer reseller

    Hello, DirectAdmin. We move our reseller from one server to anothet we do 1) suspend on 1 server 2) make backup 3) delete reseller on 1 server 4) restore on 2 server 5) unsuspend on 2 server directadmin version 1.31.2 And after transfer is finished - all reseller password dont work. And user...