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  1. scriptkitty

    LFD ignore 'spamd child'

    Just wanted to note that I have yet to receive any spamd alerts. It is odd that you're receiving alerts despite having ignored the process. To confirm, try restarting the service via ssh: csf -ra And make sure thIs server is sending the alerts by checking: grep lfd /var/log/exim/mainlog |...
  2. scriptkitty

    LFD ignore 'spamd child'

    Hi! I swapped over to spamassassin from rspamd, confirmed the process to be running, added your rules to /etc/csf/csf.pignore, then restarted the firewall, and have yet to receive any alerts. Do you have any other servers that may be sending the alert? Perhaps from a migration and the old...
  3. scriptkitty

    LFD ignore 'spamd child'

    Hello, Thanks for clarifying the user. I guess I was confusing it with _rspamd being the user for Rspamd services. :unsure: Let us know if the alerts cease after you have added "exe:/usr/bin/spamc", please! :)
  4. scriptkitty

    LFD ignore 'spamd child'

    Add: user:spamd to csf.pignore then restart the firewall: csf -ra Does this help?
  5. scriptkitty

    Easy Wordpress installation for new customers.

    Use the custom domain items as described in step 3 instead of the custom package items. This will give you a checkbox for each newly created domain. :) Let me know if you have any problems.
  6. scriptkitty

    How install OpenLiteSpeed

    Try these instructions and let me know if you encounter any error:
  7. scriptkitty

    DirectAdmin 1.61.5 has been released

    Do you still see this in the latest pre-release version?
  8. scriptkitty

    Solved (Explicit) FTPS not working for admin backups.

    Feel free to open a support ticket to log any errors you are still having with the ftp_* script after updating to pre-release. If you are still having errors, then others may be as well, so it would be beneficial to all if we could check and log a bug report if necessary to get it fixed for...
  9. scriptkitty

    Solved (Explicit) FTPS not working for admin backups.

    I understand, however, the code that was causing that failure with FTPS and it to revert back to insecure FTP was fixed in pre-release some months ago, so you shouldn't need custom scripts now that you've updated. Here is precisely what was happening: Despite "Secure FTP" being checked, it...
  10. scriptkitty

    Solved (Explicit) FTPS not working for admin backups.

    Pre-release would have made changes to the ftp_* scripts. If you temporarily disabling the custom ftp_* scripts, does it work?
  11. scriptkitty

    Solved (Explicit) FTPS not working for admin backups.

    Run a diff on the two servers' files and see what is different between them. Also, see if they both use the same version of curl or not. Are they connecting to the same upload server, too?
  12. scriptkitty

    Solved (Explicit) FTPS not working for admin backups.

    Hello, Pre-release contains changes to the ftp upload script, which is why you'd need to update to pre-release. To downgrade back to the latest stable version, you would just run the upgrade without the '&channel=beta' flag. :) And to update curl afterwards, just: cd...
  13. scriptkitty

    Solved (Explicit) FTPS not working for admin backups.

    Sure do!
  14. scriptkitty

    How to parse html file as php

    For php-fpm, you may need to also edit the limit extensions in the php-fpm conf:
  15. scriptkitty

    Solved (Explicit) FTPS not working for admin backups.

    There was an issue with curl flags that has been addressed in pre-release. Have you updated to pre-release yet? Also, make sure you’ve built curl via custombuild & are using it rather than an outdated version of curl packaged with the OS. CentOS I know will often have curl version 7.29 but...
  16. scriptkitty

    Alpha Support for NGINX Units Questions

    If I'm not mistaken, Nginx Unit has been in pre-release for some time. You can try it by upgrading to pre-release, setting unit to yes in the options.conf and building via CustomBuild.
  17. scriptkitty

    admin_ssl_install_to_missing and admin_ssl_replace_all_expired_invalid?

    I believe these are for the upcoming (unfinished) Admin SSL feature:
  18. scriptkitty

    Errors with php-fpm.

    Sure thing! Please do! :)
  19. scriptkitty won't run for pre-releases and downgrades

    If you need it to run after every update cron execution, take a look at your /etc/cron.*/custombuild file. It will contain details (I.e the path you need to use for your .sh script) for running cron pre/post hooks.