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    Multiple CPUs on System info Page

    I know the Debian 7 is in beta. Seems great so far. Only glitch I have run across is all my cores show up separately on the system info page. So that's 8 separate "processors". It's only cosmetic.
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    The way DA handles users and groups

    Hi! Just a newbie question: Does DA track all permissions itself? When I look in my /etc/group file just about every group has no users assigned. For example, when I create a user in DA called xyzuser, a group called xyzuser gets created as well, but the user "xyzuser" does not show up in...
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    Resolving Server Name

    Hi, I am new to the DA gang and had a question that I didn't see answered in the docs or the forum. Maybe others have had the same problem. The installation guide says that the server name must resolve, but it also says that is a better name than Are we expected...