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    Remote backups using SFTP

    Hey guys I was looking some threads, and since 2004 lots of people has been asking for this one... I guess we can all agree FTP is very insecure, so how about you guys implement SFTP for remote backup? :)
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    Spam through Webmail

    Hello I just found out that one of my DirectAdmin servers is on some RBL blacklists, when I checked for evidence, i see that the mails have been sent using Roundcube webmail, so logs show that the sender is the webapps account.. Any idea how can I check the real username behind this?? Thanks :)
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    User authentification problem

    Hi Guys I've noticed that DirectAdmin exim by default will open relay access for any ip for a certain amount of time if a user has already authentificated one time from this ip. Is there a way to disable this? so everytime a user sends mail trough my server, he is forced to authentificate?? I...
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    Any idea how to detect users spamming?

    Hey guys anyone knows if there's a tool or way to detect users sending spam? It always happens that one of my thousands of pop users, -at some moment- get infected with a trojan that sends mail trough their computer without they knowing of being aware of it. I usually try to keep an open...
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    Year stats from awstats

    Hi everyone Anyone knows how to change awstats from showing monthly stats (default) to yearly stats? Thanks :)
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    Question about resellers

    Hi Guys Anyone knows if I can remove the suspend/unsuspend privileges from a reseller account?? I want to suspend some domains my reseller haven't paid, but when I do this, he just unsuspends them :confused:
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    Disable backup for certain users?

    Hi Guys Got a small question, can I disable backup option for some (or all) users? Thanks.:)
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    Disable gzip in backups?

    Hi Guys Is there a way to disable gzip on my backups? gzip eats too much CPU, and i have no problems with storage space, so tar is fine with me. Thanks :)
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    Question about security

    Hi guys, Got a small question, is there a way to prevent users from running shell commands through PHP scripts? I have found all kind of crippy things in my /tmp dir (exploits, perl spaming scripts, scanners, and more). I can't even track what users or through what PHP are this files coming...
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    Weird problem with Exim + SpamAssasin

    Hey guys..been using DA for about a week and very happy with it, but I'm having a really weird problem, as you can see below, this filtered spam came originally for but the Envelope-to says it's for this has happened at least with 15 filetered spam mails...
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    Is it possible to have a reseller without domain?

    Hey guys Is it possible for me to add a reseller account, without typing a domain for him? Because it get's too messy when hi lists users he won't see his main domain in that list, the only way he can access that main domain is by clicking on "User Level" So it would be nicer if I can just...