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  1. edjones

    Have servers in HK already, but looking to perhaps expand in the US

    Basically, the servers are pretty cut & dry, latest PHP, Mysql, centos OS, and of course DA. I'm looking into Amazon AWS, but wouldn't mind something similar to my current setup. Small, easy to manage. I have about 50 or so clients that could move over to a US server if I had one, though...
  2. edjones

    User's site is constantly getting phpmailer uploaded, despite changing passwords.

    CHMOD'd everything 755, even the ones that are normally 777 (drupal site, sites/default/files is usually 777). We changed passwords, and no matter what, within days, the phpmailer script is back up, pumping out emails under addresses that don't exist. Any way to prevent this?
  3. edjones

    Theming the login page?

    Any way to theme the login page a bit better? I searched, but the pages all refer to bits of directadmin that apparently no longer exist. There's been a few changes since 1.2 that aren't reflected in the help files here. Would also like to make Roundcube the default mail on the backend. Is...
  4. edjones

    Temporary URL + Drupal = ???

    I always seem to have trouble using Drupal with the temporary URL. Is there some setting that can fix this, and allow clean URLs to work with the temp URL? I'd been subdomaining domains but I'd rather use the temp url to work with a client until the site is ready, then all they'd have to do is...
  5. edjones

    Spam Assassin help: Odd scores.

    First test, from my Google Apps account to my test email on my server... X-Spam-Status: No, score=-97.4 required=5.0 tests=HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_12, HTML_MESSAGE, HTML_OBFUSCATE_05_10, LOTS_OF_MONEY, RCVD_IN_DNSWL_LOW, SUBJ_ALL_CAPS,T_REMOTE_IMAGE,USER_IN_WHITELIST autolearn=no version=3.3.2 The...
  6. edjones

    How on earth do I block something hidden by ENOM?

    From my research, ENOM has a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding Spam. They also seem to enforce it ZERO percent of the time. One of my clients is getting 100 emails a day from a spammer already listed in ROKSO. One of the domains he received spam from is here:
  7. edjones

    Recreating domain names automatically?

    I got a client that wants a website done. It took him a bit too long to get details to me, but it started popping up on Google anyways. All I did was rename via FTP, to domain.comx thinking when they finally (two months later) get me the info to start the majority of the work, I can...
  8. edjones

    1030 emails were sent...

    I get this all the time due to newsletters I send out. However, another account popped up with this. I know them personally, as much as fighting over the validity of Star Trek Into Darkness goes. He didn't send the emails. Where do I find the emails that were sent? Also, their email...
  9. edjones

    Brute-Force Attack detected in service log from IP(s) x.x.x.x. on User(s)

    I blocked this addy at first, but then got a call from a client who's account it was affecting. Apparently it's HIS IP address. I get the brute force message about 20x a day just from his IP, and it's usually his email addresses it's referencing. What on earth can he be doing to generate...
  10. edjones

    PHP Problem?

    On a wordpress site, functions.php isn't working correctly on my build, but works fine on the dev's build. Both of us using php 5.2.17, but on mine there's errors. When I remove theme options from functions.php instead of displaying site, it outputs whole PHP file raw. That shouldn't happen...
  11. edjones

    IP Blacklist on File Editor

    Originally got this: "Unable to read /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ip_blacklist : Unable to open /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ip_blacklist for reading<br>" And I had this setting: Blacklist IPs for excessive login attempts: checked with a number of attempts. There was still no...
  12. edjones

    Mailing List Setup, easy for non-IT types

    The goal: moderated list... only ONE email can send to it. No digests needed, no one can reply-all, they can reply to list owner ONLY. The old server had ezmlm, which required the list owner to send to the list, and approve, then it goes out to ALL users. This is what I'm hoping for with...
  13. edjones

    Spamhaus or Barracuda enable?

    Did this: Did this: Use RBL Blocking: Yes Can I just add spamhaus or barracuda directly to the use_rbl_domains file? Then it'll start blocking spam for everyone on my servers?
  14. edjones

    can't update PID file

    Referring to this: I'm trying to up the max_packets_allowed setting to 2x the size. The page lined above references 16M so I'm thinking 32M, just temporarily albeit. However, when I follow the instructions, I find my.cnf is completely empty. So I...
  15. edjones

    Help migrating from hsphere to DA

    I could use a LOT of help migrating clients from hsphere to da. The server's already set up, and I've moved a few myself, but I simply don't have the time to do all this myself, so I'm looking for someone who can both help migration, and perhaps in the long run offer a bit of admin assistance...
  16. edjones

    Can't see past public_html? everything was moved, the temp url is working, but... there's no images. I look to see if /sites/default/files and all content is there. It's there! I right-click, open image in new tab. It's NOT there. 404 not found. But I SEE IT in File Manager...
  17. edjones

    migrating from hsphere, dns records???

    bear with me here. I know I'm asking a lot, but documentation shows how to set up. Not to migrate. So please let me know if this is correct: Original nameservers for use with hsphere with "" were ns: *.*.*.88 and ns2: *.*.*.81 DA was assigned .20 & .246 ip addresses, so...
  18. edjones

    Language & Skins

    I'm in Asia, looking to set up a server here & be able to run with a few local languages, most importantly Simplified Chinese, but Traditional, Korean & Japanese would be helpful as well. I've looked in the Language pack forums, and found about 12 posts. Those are the ones that work with the...