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    Resolving issue

    Hi ;) I still have issue with DNS propagation. Some domains are working fine and some are not so here is what I have: $TTL 14400 @ IN SOA ( 2017112603...
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    Issue with IP address

    Hi ;) I need little help ;) I have users that have wrong IP address in DNS zone. So I need to update about 1000 users on my server with new DNS A record. I was searching for solution however I'm not able to see it on help site. This is what I currently have: ftp A 212.XX.XX.XX mail A...
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    Custom suspended page

    Hello, I would like to have custom suspended page. For now I edit page "/home/<reseller>/domains/suspended" and it is working perfect I would like to have one page for suspension like "phishing" and one for "spam" any hint or tutorial where I can find more information how to add one more...