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    exim service down

    Hello, there seems to be a problem with the new patch 1 .48.0, because right after the fresh installation of directadmin on my server, exim service is stopped and it can not be started or restarted. All other features of directadmin seem to be ok. i have chosen the packet 4 (beta 5.6 php) paket...
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    changin exim port

    Hello i wanted to ask if it is possible to change exim port from default to somethign else. i have my system so far, that i dont receive any brutforce attacks on any other services but only on exim. is there anotehr way to prevent this attackings or is it recommended to change the port, and...
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    register domain only

    Hello dear community, if someone orders form my website only domain (no package, no webspace) what do i have to do? if i want to add a blank user without any function only domain, should i create a package with 0 ftp user, 0 msql , 0 email and so on.
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    Brutforce attacks

    Since i installed directadmin a few days ago, at the same time i received brutforce attacks and it keeps going on until now. there are like thousands of brutforces attacks daily. what is this and how can i prevent it?
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    German language pack

    hello dear community, i need to change da interface to german, is there any good german language pack? thanks.