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    Incorrect SPF record for GMAIL

    Dear Directadmin users, I've been struggling with an error that we'll receive when we send an email to a gmail adress. In the headers we keep getting: Received-SPF: permerror ( domain of test@[correct domain] uses a mechanism not recognized by this client. unknown mechanisms: ))...
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    "Suspicious stats folder found" automated "repair"

    Dear DirectAdmin users, Is there any way to automatically set the permission to 755 instead of sending a notification to the admin user? This because it's very annoying and we receive hundreds of them every night.. Example of the notification (always the 755 permission thing): ---------...
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    Index.html don't load on /

    Dear Directadmin users, When i create a new subdomain, it default generates a index.html. This is normal, but when i go to http://domain.tld/index.html, it works. But when i go directly to http://domain.tld/ it shows a 403 Forbidden error. Also, when i change the filename to index.php it works...
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    Error during admin backup

    Hello, Every night on 2:00:00 a admin backup starts, but i got some Temp errors. We're running on the last version of Directadmin (1.42.0) and PHP 5.2.17. Screenshot of the error: The folder permissions are 777. Thanks! Wouter0100