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    Internal mails ends up spam folder.

    Whatever I try, I can not stop mail ending up in spam folder for internal domain mail users. Here is header: Return-Path: <> Delivered-To: Received: from by with LMTP id 4qjmOhx8qV24NwAAOJm+Yg...
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    I want to sell my account along with 5 licenses.

    I have an account which has 5 internal lifetime licenses. I want to see it. If you are interested please pm me.
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    Can I disable page load fade effect? Or Enable page load in background tab.

    When opening page in background tab in chrome, page does not fully loaded unless you activate tab in chrome. I already created ticket and they suggested me to disabling "Throttle expensive background timers" in chrome://flags but that did not help. So I need two things actually, 1. Disable...
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    Migration mail account between exim server ?

    I need to migrate mail accounts between exim servers but I do not know user passwords. And do not want to change or disturb users. Old server (vestapanel) uses passwd file in format (MD5-CRYPT): {MD5}$1$s3jmZ3Rg$ja/jVRKSojRyNJmahoarI0 And new server (directadmin) uses passwd file in format...
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    Anyone migrated from vesta panel ?

    I am looking for some script to migrate from vesta panel ?
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    Can not change mail password with new skin.

    On none of my DA server which are about 12, I can not CHANGE mail passwords. Chrome throws following error. Other skins are ok. 59.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined at a.limit (59.js:1) at Le.get...
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    Exim problem.

    I have this ramdom problem with a client into a vps, I have the lasted exim version and spamfighter installed. This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The...
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    Resize /home partition but still see old size.

    I added some more space and resize /home partition. But in DA still see old size. Am I missing something? See two command shows different size. [root@sunucu ~]# lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT sda 8:0 0 400G 0 disk ├─sda1 8:1 0 1G 0 part...
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    Can not prevent spoof mails.

    I want to block unauthorized senders to send spam mails like to How can I block these senders? I tried: require verify = sender/callout But still recieve them. Any suggestion?
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    Difference between nginx vs nginx_apache ?

    What is the difference between nginx vs nginx_apache ? For best combitibility should I go with nginx_apache ? And performans with nginx ?
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    Very high i/o locks server.

    For last couple days, very high i/o causes DA stop responding? It might be a malware issue. But how can I first see which web site causes this? I have to reboot server each time this happens.
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    Clamd is down mails, can not stop them..

    Even clamd and freshclam is running, directadmin still sends Clamd is down mail. I even tried disabling it service.status file but it still send these mails. I tried reinstalling it but did not help. Clamd on is down! [root@lnx12 ~]# service clamd status Redirecting to...
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    Lets encrpty hostname mode incorrectly runs

    It seems to be running hostname mode (server has hostname dns zoen and directadmin.conf has servername value) Other directadmin server did not try www, mail, pop, etc. values. What should I check? Setting up certificate for a hostname: Getting challenge for
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    User lets encrtpy ssl try to use directadmin's ssl.

    I install ssl for a user (lets encrypt) but when I enter site, I am getting SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN and in details page I see site try to use directadmin's own ssl name. In httpd.conf I confirmed: SSLCertificateFile /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/ybnetr/domains/
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    Checking local filesystem quotas at startup takes long time to pass.

    When vds (proxmox based) starts, Checking local filesystem quotas at startup takes long time to pass. About 2-3 minutes. What should I check you suggest?
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    Is it possible to suspend inactive email account ?

    For security purpose, I want to suspend mail account that did not authanticated smtp in for x days. Is that possible somehow?
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    Apache strange issue.

    When I first visit show services page, I see that apache eats more than 1 GB memory (thats an other problem that it eat that much memory), but when I click reload button, memory usage shows 100 200 MB. If I wait couple of seconds and refresh page, memory again goes very high, again clicking...
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    Two spam score in mail headers?

    Som pretty spammy mails pass spam test. When I check their header I see two spam score. Why is this: Return-Path: <SRS0=e/> Delivered-To: Received: from by (Dovecot) with LMTP id...
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    Install spamblocker with cb1.

    How can I update my exim.conf to include spamblocker functions with custombuild 1? In my new DA install, I see those #EDIT# sections but not in my older DA install. So I want to use those extra checks.
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    Blocking certain file extensions inside arcive files to stop malware.

    Unfortunately clamd does not detect js files inside zip files and those attachemts may be hard to filter. So I want to find easier solution to block certain files but so far it does not seems to be working. I see many thread says it works well. Can you please take a look: in exim.conf, I added...