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    Exim has been released

    CentOS 8, Exim , no problem.
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    MySQL/MariaDB with SSL

    It is no problem for localhost, but it is usefull when a client connects from another location (for example with a mysql-client like MySQL Workbench) You can add it with the GRANT query ( GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'client'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'password' REQUIRE SSL; )
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    MySQL/MariaDB with SSL

    Is it possible to add SSL for MySQL/MariaDB?
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    Selecting default PHP version

    I've added a feature request
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    Default php version setting

    The possibility to set a default php version, instead of using php1_release. More info see:
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    Wannes, Hoe moet de PHPVersionList plugin geinstalleerd worden? als ik phpversionlist.tar.gz...

    Wannes, Hoe moet de PHPVersionList plugin geinstalleerd worden? als ik phpversionlist.tar.gz download en het als plugin probeer toe te voegen in DA krijg ik een melding dat het geen geldige plugin is. Groetjes, Maarten
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    Selecting default PHP version

    Is this php_default allready implemented? Now that PHP 7.4 is ready, it would be usefull.
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    ProFTPd + NAT

    Small update: 1) forgot to say that mod_ifsession is not compiled by default, so configure.proftpd need to add it ( 2) In the class section we needed to add the router-address (standard-gateway address), because else he always...
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    Multiserver - show all users

    Hello, When you enable the show all users feature in multiserver setup, you can see all the users from all the servers. But when you click on a user he goes to the DA page of that server and you need to login. But multiserver knows the admin password, so maybe it can also auto-login on that the...
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    Evolution skin - save package as

    Hello, In the old skin you could copy a package. You do this by opening the package, change the name (do not check the checkbox rename) and click on save. In the new evolution skin, the field with the package name is disabled, it only comes enabled when you check the rename checkbox. It is...
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    ProFTPd + NAT

    Hello Alex, I know that you can make a custom proftpd.conf file, but then the whole file is custom. So if DA or CustomBuild change something to there proftpd.conf file it will not be changed in the custom proftpd.conf file (and we will not be notified that it need to be changed). This is why I...
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    ProFTPd + NAT

    When you use NAT with ProFTPD you need to add MasqueradeAddress to the proftpd.conf file. Is it possible to add this to the proftpd.conf file that custombuild makes? I think you can check the directadmin.conf lan_ip and ethernet_dev value if there is NAT used. Here (at the bottom) you can find...
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    Exim port 465 TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 not allowed

    Ok, I found the problem (reading the feature request forum :)) The problem is systemwide crypto policies that is added in CentOS 8 (
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    Allow to add custom reason while suspending account?

    You can have fixed reasons added (file suspension_reason.txt): But maybe you need a custom one that you fill in every time you suspend a user?
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    Exim port 465 TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 not allowed

    We have setup a new CentOS 8 server and we have noticed that exim doesn't allow TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 connections on port 465. On an older server (CentOS 7) with the same exim version and exim.conf version exim does allow TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 on port 465. On port 993 TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 works CentOS 8...
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    ClamAV 0.102.0

    Installing curl with custombuild solve the problem. Thank you
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    ClamAV 0.102.0

    Update: After doing: 'whereis libcurl' I changed the configure.clamav file from '--with-libcurl=/usr/local' to ' --with-libcurl=/usr' After that I got this message: checking for libcurl installation... /usr checking for gawk... (cached) gawk checking for curl-config... /usr/bin/curl-config...
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    ClamAV 0.102.0

    On our CentOs 7 servers we get this message: checking for libcurl installation... configure: error: libcurl not found. libcurl (e.g. libcurl-devel) is required in order to build freshclam and clamsubmit. When I do yum list libcurl*, I get: Installed Packages libcurl.x86_64...
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    Site Redirection - new type: Cloaked/Masked

    On the page of Site Redirection add an extra "Redirect Type": "Cloaked/Masked" Then add this to the .htaccess file: RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^(.*)$ DESTINATION_URL$1 [P] eg.: RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [P]
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    Feature request: checkbox or option to show only local users

    Can there be an option (a checkbox or something) to only show local users when the 'Show all users' option is activated in Multiserversetup? Because sometimes it is usefull to only see local users.