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    DA monitoring and Zabbix

    DA is already monitoring it's services, but maybe I didn't find the right way to use this functionality (admin/stats) because there is not a lot of information and graphics about Cpu, memory and so on... I was thinking to install ZABBIX and I would like to know if this is can create conflicts...
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    [SOLVED] WordPress Asking for FTP Credentials” Error?

    I took all wordpress files from an other VPS and upload by SFTP (root access) on the VPS managed with DA. Now everything is working well but when I want update something, WordPress Asking for FTP Credentials ! I would like understand why I get this problem and solve without touching the...
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    manage domain IPS file for exim

    Hello, In this tutorial "DA to manage domain IPS file for exim outbound IP/interfaces" we can enable Multi IP Domain I did it and it's working well, but it requires directadmin.conf setting: add_domain_to_domainips=1 The tutorial said : internal default is: add_domain_to_domainips=0 So this...
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    Secure server with DA=> Fail2Ban and Iptable can be a good solution ?

    Hello, I am newbie with DirectAdmin and I'm using Debian 10, some experienced users can recommend something to secure the server ? or that's not necessary because DA is already secure... With DA can install and use fail2Ban and Iptable ? What can be the best way to secure my server in...
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    DKIM => Signature Did Not Verify

    DKIM => Signature Did Not Verify DKIM => NOT Authenticated This DKIM problem will probably concern a lot people, it looks like a TLS problem with the method of DA to verify the DKIM Key Do not confuse MXTools DKIM test which report ONLY 3 lignes : - DKIM Record Published - DKIM Syntax Check -...