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  1. FarCry

    Missing values in the api.html doc ;)

    The CMD_API_SHOW_USER_CONFIG list in the api doc is incomplete. Additional values are as follows: php : ON / OFF - self explanitory language : en / ? - self explanitory name : string.. no idea what this is spam : ON / OFF - spam assasin? problematic values: sentwarning - does not always...
  2. FarCry

    DA Remote Manager

    Ive started on a Remote Manager App, but due to work commitments cant do a great deal of work on it... Here is the progess so far: Give it time to be sent out to mirrors... its just been added. So...
  3. FarCry

    API User Levels

    Im just trying to get the usage of my own account, using CMD_API_SHOW_USER_USAGE?user=design ... im logging in as "design" and password is correct using basic authentication. I keep getting: Ideas?
  4. FarCry

    [rel] Email Only Skin (Default Look)

    Created for a user who posted here: Download: Dont know how it will work, dont have time to test right now :) I think i have jailed to user...
  5. FarCry

    [rel] Default with breadcrumbs in title as requested here: Changes: Added the tree to title.
  6. FarCry


    Just wondering who else though DA + Debian would be a nice addition?? As far as i can see the main changes would be with the installer and getting .deb files instead of using up2date?
  7. FarCry

    [rel] AWStats - For all you domains (availiable now)

    Well, a few months ago i said i would toy with awstats to get it going with DA, this i have done, and have been pretty much successfull. about 10% of domains dont generate pages, i have no idea why... but anyways, its very easy to install, very easy to get running. I've tried to take all the...
  8. FarCry

    Language Pack Updates

    New token list for translating should be out tonight, this will be for the USER files.
  9. FarCry

    [Auction] DirectAdmin Skinning.

    We will make a fantistic control panel skin that is artistically designed to match the theme of your existing site design. With superb integration into your layout for a virtually seamless appearance which will provide an extremely user friendly environment that is sure to make those...
  10. FarCry

    [PRE-REL] Langage File (Needs Translating)

    I am releasing what i have done on the language file so far. It's the entire first page of the new skin. When translating please keep the words the same, don't change them arround to how you think they may be better. If someone posts a translation and you feel that there is a mistake, or an...
  11. FarCry

    API Documentation Errors

    I'm working on the spinnahost members area which works with the direct admin API (yes, the class for it will be released). Ive found me some errors in the DA API docs ( Aug 20th, 2003: ------------------------------------ Section: Get User Limits and...
  12. FarCry

    [BETA RELEASE] DirectSkin Beta 21

    Here it is... what you've all been dying to have :D Note: it is still very very much Beta, prowebuk needs to do his content pages :D All areas are FULLY functional, but the admin area hasnt got all its icons made yet :)
  13. FarCry

    DirectSkins Icons: RESELLER ICONS!

    Just finished the reseller set of icons, take a look: 56k Users: [24k] Cable/DSL Users: [94k] please tell us what you think, suggestions are welcome.
  14. FarCry

    HOWTO: Log users into a members area with DA username

    Problem: Well, i was faced with a problem of login users into a members area i'm making for spinnahost. We didn't want users to have to register for the members area, as that would put them off using it, we didn't want to skin it into DA, because then we wouldn't know if they had authenticated...
  15. FarCry

    DirectSkin Icons! TOTAL USER SET PREVIEW

    Just finished the entire user set of icons, take a look: 56k Users: [27k] Cable/DSL Users: [96k] please tell us what you think, suggestions are welcome.
  16. FarCry

    Some notes when using files_[admin/reseller/user].conf files

    I was talking to a few people and they seem to be having problems with understanding the .conf files. - There are no quotes in these files what so ever. Everything after the "=" is considered to be its value. eg: #wrong: IMG_SOMEIMAGE="images/imagefile.gif" #right...
  17. FarCry

    Webalizer - Show Virtual Hosts?

    How can we do this... i cant work it out. Does anyone know of a config file that you need to change, if so what, and where in it?
  18. FarCry

    Update PHP?

    I think Mark is ignoring me.. so im posting it here :) I need to update php, or at least recompile it so i have socket functions and GD... so the thing is, how? i know how to compile php, i just dont know where or how on a DA machine, nothing seems to work.
  19. FarCry

    New Official Skin News

    Just a preview of the new official skin... we currently only have the layout created, and the side bars. working on new icons now. there will also be an alternate layout that will mainly be in text for low bandwidth usage :) ill post in here any updates...