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    Hello, How can we activate greylisting? I know it's necessary to install redis but once redis has been installed, what has to be included in directadmin configuration files? A small how-to would be really useful to configure greylisting and reduce spam. Regards!
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    Brute force monitor issue

    Hello, On one of our servers we can't get the brute force monitor page to load because it has a too many entries. We have cleared all brute* files in /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin but there are still showing hundreds or thousands IPs in the Blocked IPs section. Is this information cached...
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    Moving a domain between users

    Hello, I have found the following script but this hasn't been updated since 2011: Is this still functional? If yes, will it copy all information related to this domain (databases, files, email accounts etc.)? Regards
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    CSF/LFD pignore

    Hi, I know CSF has it's own forum but I haven't been able to find a solution there. As a lot of directadmin users also use CSF maybe someone has a suggestion. We've got the "Suspicious process" option activated in case a process exceeds an amount of time. But this is giving a lot of false...
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    SSL page suggestion

    Hello, Nowadays, almost all clients are fine with a free letsencrypt certificate and don't need anything else for their websites. Right now when a user wants to install a free letsencrypt certificate, 5 options in total are presented in tabs which is confusing. One option is called as you know...
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    Restoring a user backup as admin/reseller?

    Hello, One of our clients has created a backup inside his directadmin user panel on another host and wants us to restore this backup on one of our servers. Is there an easy way to import this backup? This backup was created on another server, with a different IP etc. Regards
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    Php version not changing

    Hello, One of our clients is running a vps with litespeed and we are seeing a strange behaviour with the php version. When we upload a phpinfo file inside the user domain it shows php 7.1 but the version installed on the vps is php 7.0. We have recompiled php a couple of times but it still...
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    Cannot find the script /etc/init.d/spamd

    Hello, After updating the latest dovecot/spam fighter we are receiving the following error messages on our servers: When we try to restart spamd from directadmin it returns the following error: Only after reinstalling spamassassin everything is corrected again. This is happening on all of...
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    Autoresponder bug

    Hello, When we try to create an autoresponder for an already created email account, we get the following error: In enhanced this doesn't happen. Latest DA and skin versions are installed. Regards
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    Admin backup/transfer bug

    Hello, When we edit a scheduled backup in the admin/transfer option, the already selected users dissapear. For example, we have 3 bacup schedules. One weekly with all users, and one daily and monthly with only some selected users. When we edit one of these options, the already selected users...
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    WARNING: Apache HTTP 2.4.17 to 2.4.38 Local Root Exploit

    We got the following alert from Rack911: Apache 2.4.39 is available already, an update would be recommended for all users.
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    Centos6 compatibility

    Hello, Some of our clients using Centos 6.10 are interested in testing out rspamd but it appears it's only compatible with Centos7. Any idea if rspamd will be available for Centos6 users at some point? Regards
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    File manager file details

    Hello, In the new file manager only the file date appears. In the old file manager you could also see the exact time, when the file was last modified, last accessed etc. Could this also be included in the new file manager? Regards
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    Cloudlinux + Litespeed + Directadmin -> Different php versions per account

    Hello, Has anyone running cloudlinux+litespeed+directadmin been able to offer different php versions for domains configured in the same hosting account? Litespeed has a guide but it's only for native: And...
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    SSL and various domains

    Hello, Right now it's a but confusing when there are multiple domains configured in the same hosting account in regards to SSL. Let's say we have created / / in one hosting account. When we want to generate a letsencrypt certificate it shows all domains and...
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    File manager slow loading / blocking browser

    Hello, One of our clients has contacted us because the file manager doesn't load and blocks his browser in Chrome. We have tested this in Chrome and firefox and the browser indeed freezes and sometimes ends up loading the files and sometimes freezes the browser. When we change this user to...
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    Little language bug

    Hello, Inside the spamassassin configuration page, the option "How should the spam be delivered?" isn't translated. There are no references to this phrase in the pot files neither. Regards
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    Comodo WAF plugin unresponsive

    Hello, Both on firefox and chrome, the comodo waf plugin is very unstable and unresponsive when used in combination with evolution. These issues dissapear when we change the skin to enhanced. Is this something that has to be fixed in evolution or do we have to contact support at comodo? Regards!
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    File manager - download file

    Hello, It doesn't appear to be possible to download a file using the file manager in the evolution skin. When you hover over a file it doesn't give an option to download the file and "right click + save as" doesn't appear to work neither. Would it be possible to include a download option in...
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    Internal language files in english

    Hello, Despite translating the PO files completely, all the confirmation messages from actions inside directadmin appear in English. For example when creating an email account, database etc. It appears it's taking these responses from the english language files in lang/en/internal. Is this...