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    New Directadmin forum

    Very nice :)
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    Strange issue on Debian 9.9

    Hi, I have strange issue. After boot system service directadmin status return dead Tried to check /var/log/directadmin/error.log empty after service directadmin restart it works, but after reboot no anymore.
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    DA letters going to GMail spam folder

    Hey, guys, I have strange issue all DA notifications going to spam folder. Could it be solved? I added SPF, DKIM, DMARC, but the same issue.
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    HTTPD + Custom Build 1.0

    Hello, I have strange issue. When I create new subdomain in the main account I receive something like this /home/user/domains/ but not /home/user/domains/ Maybe someone had this issue earlier?
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    Php 7.3 rc

    Hello, as I see Custom build does not prepared to use PHP 7.3 And so on :)
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    Hi. I have one server where I have old Debian with DirectAdmin 1.44.0. When I try to add SSL to different domains I receive two messages: 1. You can only add a certificate to your main domain 2. You can only add a certificate if you own the ip you are using This server have 3-4 IP assigned...
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    DA + PageSpeed

    Hey. Maybe someone have experience with PageSpeed integration into DirectAdmin installation? I want to try to integrate, but something wrong and I cannot compile it from source code. Maybe someone had this issue and can help with small documentation or instructions to check it :)
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    MariaDB 5.5.60 update to 5.5.61 issue

    I run ./build mariadb and received error And now cannot return to the same version my.cnf How possible solve issue now :(
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    DA how to enable ipv6 in exim service

    Hi. I have one DA with versioin 1.46.2 and now I try to enable ipv6. netstat -tulp | grep exim returns tcp 0 0 *:submission *:* LISTEN 15413/exim tcp 0 0 *:urd *:*...
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    Question about DA update

    Hello, guys I have question. It possible to update DA 1.46.2 (Custom build 1.2.41) to the latest DA 1.53.0 without any troubles with configuration? In this server we use CentOS 6.5
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    Debian 9 + MariaDB 10.2.12 issue

    Hello, I found strange issue with MariaDB 1. Installed newest Debian 8. 2. Upgrade Debian 8 to Debian 9. 3. Received message "The service 'mysqld' on server * is currently down 4. Found errors in /usr/local/mysql/data/*.err Issue after install newest Debian after that installed DirectAdmin
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    Debian 8 to Debian 9.4 + DA + exim

    Hello everyone, very interesting issue I found. 1. Upgraded Debian 8 to Debian 9.4 2. Installed required packages for DirectAdmin installation 3. Installed DirectAdmin 4. Exim installation is down. journalctl -xe return this error /usr/sbin/exim: error while loading shared libraries...
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    Debian 9.4 + DA 1.52 something went wrong

    Hello, I trying at this moment install DA in Debian 9.4 version and receive a lot of strange errors which I did not received earlier with Debian 9.3. In setup.txt file I see this configuration services=services_debian70_64.tar.gz I think it is wrong? How I can solve it? After install I...
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    DA Advanced PHP version support

    Hi, I installed newest DirectAdmin on Debian 9 OS. I try to customize DA and add ability to change PHP version in several options. It possible to add into DA GUI several PHP versions not two, but for example 4-5. I used custom code compile and it works, but every time when DA makes changes I...