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  1. NaSRi

    CXS on Directadmin

    Hello, I have purchased a cxs license, Unfortunately neither configserver nor directadmin does not provide support it :) such a complicated situation. I have seen many people could install cxs without any problem but now I cannot figure out the following error. ClamAV socket...
  2. NaSRi

    Haproxy and directadmin

    Hi I have a few websites on a dedicated server which is using directadmin and have got huge traffic nowadays, I have plan to distribute traffic to different servers so I have setup haproxy but the problem is that I cannot tell Haproxy route each request to specific virtual hosts. I'd...
  3. NaSRi

    Compose HTML messages roundcube

    Hi everybody I need to edit default value of Compose HTML messages to always when an email account is created as well as default value for " When replying " to "start new message above the quote" I have a script to install DA on our servers and this should be done via the script but I don't...
  4. NaSRi

    swap problem

    Hi guys I've got a weird problem with my server which has 5 Gig swap space however it shows only 2 Gig by free -m Do you have any idea? [root@server ~]# lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT sr0 11:0 1 1024M 0 rom vda 252:0 0 55G 0 disk ├─vda1 252:1 0 50.1G 0...
  5. NaSRi

    phpmyadmin installation error

    Hi Recently I had to switch from php 5.6 to 5.3 and it has been installed successfully but right now I have problem with installing phpmyadmin Patching phpMyAdmin to log failed authentications for BFM... patching file libraries/ Hunk #1 succeeded at 867 with fuzz 1 (offset 218...
  6. NaSRi


    Hi Do you compile PHP through litespeed web admin or CB2? I have problem with CB2, whenever I compile PHP through it, It seems, it only affects on server and litespeed still shows previous version!
  7. NaSRi


    Hi guys. May I know How you usually gain more experience ? I'm thinking about a company either big or small to work with and participate in further projects for free. I have 3 years of experience and going to get a Linux certificate (LPIC) but I have no idea where I can find and work with new...
  8. NaSRi

    User limit

    Hello guys I've a question regarding user limit, I've read about ulimit tool, I wanna know why you don't limit each users in directadmin by this tool?
  9. NaSRi

    SSL and TLS

    Hey guys,Is it possible to use SSL in HTTPS for tls, I mean a chain for both.
  10. NaSRi

    roundcube problem

    In one of my server , I can't login to roundcube , the following error will appear after few seconds . connection to storage server failed roundcube I've checked /var/log/exim/mainlog and errorlog , there is nothing there about the login fail . And also I've checked this tutorial ...
  11. NaSRi

    A problem with restoring

    Hello I have a VPS with about hundred users, each user's httpd.conf that was stored in /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/s1092/httpd.conf has These values suPHP_Engine OFF suPHP_UserGroup s1092 s1092 But when I try to restore the accounts to in a new server...
  12. NaSRi

    How does it possible create many accounts via ssh ?

    Hello, I have many emails that I have to create from Directadmin UI, unfortunately I'm too lazy to create each . So I wanna create a script to does it . can you help me ?
  13. NaSRi

    ffmpeg installation error

    hi dear today I decided install ffmpge with php 5.4 fpm , unfortunately I got the following error . /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/ffmpeg-php/ffmpeg_movie.c:42:32: error: libavcodec/version.h: No such file or directory /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/ffmpeg-php/ffmpeg_movie.c:76:1...
  14. NaSRi

    roundcube percentage usage doesn't work

    Hi, I follow this guide and my problem not fix now . how can i fix this ?
  15. NaSRi

    apache Invalid argument: apr_proc_mutex_lock

    I have received these error suddenly in my servers . this cause the webserver stop working . [Sun Sep 27 06:00:01 2015] [emerg] (43)Identifier removed: apr_proc_mutex_lock failed. Attempting to shutdown process gracefully. [Sun Sep 27 06:00:01 2015] [emerg] (22)Invalid argument...
  16. NaSRi

    how to restrict sending email via php ?

    although I used this guide , doesn't effect in php scripts . Do you have any solution ?
  17. NaSRi

    Backup restore has problem

    Hi I converted a backup from cpanel to da , in restore time I received following errors . set_collation: DB alphaniroo__test does not have any collation information in the backup. Skipping set_collation: DB alphaniroo_deu does not have any collation information in the backup. Skipping...
  18. NaSRi

    mysql backup / restore issue

    Hi I have problem with mysql backup command , it says some of tables doesn't exit on my database and cause error . mysqldump: Got error: 1146: Table 'kelachay_news.wp_pollsa' doesn't exist when using LOCK TABLES I used --single-transaction in my command like this mysqldump...
  19. NaSRi

    Exim and 451 Temporary local problem

    Hi , unfortunately I receive this error on SquirrelMail web mail. Message not sent. Server replied: Requested action aborted: error in processing 451 Temporary local problem - please try later I check threat about clamv issue , there is no clamav on my server , also my resolver in are...
  20. NaSRi

    Dosn't work Suspend an account in Da

    I think this is new problem in directadmin , i tried to suspend an account but it doesn't take effect and the account did not suspend Could you please help me about this matter ?