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    exim with external from mailjet

    hi Guys. I have an external mail at maijet and would like to communicate with da (centos 8) can anyone tell me what i need to change?
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    problem with creating reseller

    Hi all, in the older DA i could create a reseller (username) and all accounts (users) under it are given the same ip now i cant find how to get it work with the new skin on centos 8 so in short, 1 reseller , 1 ip , all user under the reseller same ip second reseller (other ip) all users...
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    Installing DA on Centos 8 fast config

    Hello all, I want to install DA on Centos 8 with a fast configuration what do i need to install?
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    ICU is installed and version is >=49.1 (failed)

    Help! ran build update in directadmin and rewrite configs how can i enable icu 49.1 ? installed php version is 7.25 anyone?