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  1. r3chn3r

    Exim has TLS remote code execution

    I guess this is new but it appears exim with TLS is vulnerable to unauthenticated remote code execution attacks. Update: I see another thread about this and it is already being handled. Please delete this..
  2. r3chn3r

    Quirks on a galaxy s10+

    I wanna say the changes and improvements in the last couple of da releases has been amazing. I really didn't like the earlier releases as much as I had grown to love 'enhanced'. So I am very accustomed to enhanced, even on a mobile phone. That was until I noticed the thread about a web guide...
  3. r3chn3r

    cPanel Price Hike

    They just raised rates like crazy. Could be an opportunity for someone to make a solid theme.
  4. r3chn3r

    Adding to the loglist

    Hi, Is there a way to add logs to the log viewer?