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    Email messages are sent to spam DA->Gmail

    Thank you for your help. I don't understand this problem myself, because I have already done everything that could not be treated as spam. I have sent messages to friends to check spam in Gmail. Maybe it's really the fault of my IP address - is it too new for google? I will wait and watch...
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    Email messages are sent to spam DA->Gmail
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    Email messages are sent to spam DA->Gmail

    Unfortunately, still unchanged. Messages are still considered spam for Does this mean that my mail server IP address is too new for gmail? There is no trust for him?
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    http templates error

    Show your file: /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/martin/httpd.conf When you use ./build rewrite_confs Does this problem still occur?
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    Email messages are sent to spam DA->Gmail

    I have my own DNS server in my domain. I know directadmin has a problem with DKIM. Many providers do not comply with DKIM and messages are respected by gmail.
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    Email messages are sent to spam DA->Gmail

    hello, i don't use ipv6 protocol.
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    Email messages are sent to spam DA->Gmail

    Hi, I can't solve server problems. By sending mail to gmail servers all my messages go to the spam folder. I've searched almost everything and I don't know the answer. Maybe you have some advice on what to do? Header scanning...
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    Creating backup few days back

    Hello, is it possible to create backups of users so that they have access to their files a few days back? Is there a plugin for this? Please help. Best regards.
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    Problem with PHP configuration

    Hello, today I installed OpenLiteSpeed on my server (debian) according to the instructions: The following problem occurred during PHP compilation: /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/php-7.3.11/ext/openssl/openssl.c:4197: undefined reference to...
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    Nginx_Apache http:// problem

    Hi, I installed today nginx_apache with apache. I have a problem with sites on the server. The pages only work with the address https: // Unfortunately, http: // rejects the connection from the server. Where to look for a problem? Plz help
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    Update problem

    Hello! After updating DirectAdmin, PHP stopped working. No error has occurred during the process. My configuration: PHP 5.3 (FastCGI), Apache2.4 Screen:
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    Exim An error occurred while sending the mail

    Hi, I have problem with exim 4.76. When I click the password reminder I get an error: I do not know how to fix it. I made already dovecot and exim, but nothing helped. HELP! Thank you for your help