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  1. mmx

    How-To: MariaDB 10.3.12 on FreeBSD 11.2

    Here's a quick guide on how to fix the long-standing MariaDB 10.x on FreeBSD compilation issues when using CustomBuild. Credit goes to wattie for his previous thread on the matter. Tested on: FreeBSD 11.2 with latest patches (as of 2019-02-02) DirectAdmin 1.55+ with FreeBSD 11.x beta binaries...
  2. mmx

    Requesting feedback from FreeBSD Sysadmins (PortsBuild Project)

    Hi all, I'm in the middle of developing and testing the first release of PortsBuild, a CustomBuild alternative for FreeBSD 9.3/10.3 and beyond. I've come to a point in the code that warrants user feedback and expectations, as some of the changes I've implemented may potentially cause frustration...
  3. mmx

    Customizing Additional Service Config & Binary Paths in directadmin.conf

    Hi, I'm kindly requesting the ability to modify the binary names & paths of additional services and configuration files used by DirectAdmin, such as PHP, BIND (named) and a few others listed below. While DirectAdmin relies on directadmin.conf for the majority of its runtime configuration, I know...
  4. mmx

    BFM: Not configured to work with PureFTPd?

    Hi, I don't think BFM is parsing PureFTPd's logfiles since I switched over from ProFTPd. Looking through BFM's logs, no IPs have been blocked for over a week. That's unusual. :) FreeBSD 7.4 with PureFTPd via custombuild. Anyone else notice this?
  5. mmx

    FreeBSD 9.0

    Perhaps it's time to open up a "FreeBSD 9.x BETA" sub-forum and retire/merge the other release subs? :) I have a feeling 9.0-RELEASE is around the corner, as the code is frozen. p.s. I can beta test with a trial license if needed. :P
  6. mmx

    [HOWTO] FreeBSD 7.x 8.x + IPFW + Brute Force Monitor +

    [HOWTO] FreeBSD 7.x 8.x 9.x + IPFW + Brute Force Monitor + Hello hello, here's a little guide to setup IPFW and DirectAdmin's BFM to play along nicely. I believe my method below is the cleanest out there, especially since I am using ipfw's tables for the best in organization and...
  7. mmx

    8.1: So far, so good

    I've been running DA 1.36 on FreeBSD 8.1 x64, Apache MPM Worker and the latest Exim, Dovecot and PHP, all this inside an ESXi 4.1 VM. I haven't ran into any problems yet. I just upgraded to Dovecot 2.09, PHP 5.2.17 and DA 1.37. No hiccups!
  8. mmx

    Critical: ProFTPD 1.3.3c, Source compromised

    Looks like was compromised and the ProFTPD source code was altered with a backdoor. Since this was after November 28th (I'm sure DA programmers downloaded a copy of the source way before that) it's still food for thought! From the security newsletter:
  9. mmx

    FreeBSD 7.2 EOL

    June 30th, 2010, is the End-Of-Life for FreeBSD 7.2. I am planning to upgrade to 7.3 tomorrow. Has anyone run into problems? I know it's a minor update, I am just taking some pre-cautions before going forward. Getting DA to work with FreeBSD 7.2 x64 was a challenge in itself. I am running the...
  10. mmx

    Moving to a new server

    Hey guys, I'll be moving my sites to a new box (dedicated to dedicated) very soon. I'm interested to know if I will have any DA licensing issues. Since I'm a lifetime user, I simply want to transfer my license to a new box. Do I have to purchase another copy of DA for the new box, or is there...
  11. mmx

    Exim 4.67 Released

    Download Exim 4.67. Here's the changelog and new stuff. For FreeBSD 5.x/6.x users, update Exim as follows (when the file is available from DA): # cp /etc/exim.conf /etc/exim.conf.bak # fetch # pkg_delete exim-4.xx-x # pkg_add...
  12. mmx

    Cannot Send Emails to Same Domain

    Hey guys, I can't seem to send emails to users if my email originates from the same domain. e.g. => This applies to every user/domain on my server. Both forwards and POP3s are affected. Here's what happens: when attempting to send, the email just sits in my...
  13. mmx

    Exim 4.65 Released

    Download Exim 4.65. Here's the changelog. Some small bug fixes it seems, nothing crazy! For FreeBSD 5.x/6.x users, update Exim as follows (when the file is available from DA): # cp /etc/exim.conf /etc/exim.conf.bak # fetch #...
  14. mmx

    Exim 4.64 Released

    At the present time, the announcement has not been made on the official Exim site, but you can download it through the FTP. Bugs have been fixed along with some new features, take a look at the changelog.
  15. mmx

    BIND 9.3.3 Released

    BIND 9.3.3 over at the ISC. It contains a few security fixes over 9.3.2. Download it. Also, it requires OpenSSL version 0.9.7l or 0.9.8d, so make sure that's up to date before upgrading BIND.
  16. mmx

    BIND 9 Vulnerabilities Discovered

    Hey guys, looks like BIND 9 has a remote vulnerability out. According to the BIND email list, the following versions are affected: BIND 9.3.0, BIND 9.3.1, BIND 9.3.2, BIND 9.3.3b1 and BIND 9.3.3rc1 BIND 9.4.0a1, 9.4.0a2, 9.4.0a3, 9.4.0a4, 9.4.0a5, 9.4.0a6 and 9.4.0b1. How can I update BIND on...
  17. mmx

    How to block an abuser?

    For the past few days, I have been getting these entries in my exim mainlog: 2005-06-20 01:32:36 ( [] F=<> rejected RCPT <>: 2005-06-20 01:32:36 ( []...