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  1. Kiekeboe100

    dataskq (named) before let's encrypt

    Hello, Could you check the dataskq queue whether there is an entry to reload named before requesting a Let's Encrypt certificate? And if there is, first run dataskq. I find myself having to retry the request for a new Let's Encrypt because named wasn't reloaded and the new subdomain dns isn't...
  2. Kiekeboe100

    Best practices for blocking IP addresses (need other opinions)

    Hello, At the moment I have both DirectAdmin BFM and CSF that to checks in the log files to block IP addresses. I do almost immediately a permanent block, but with a max of x IP addresses (400 I think), so ultimately after a while the IP is unblocked again. Now I am seeing more and more blocks...
  3. Kiekeboe100

    Safe to add /usr/local/php72/bin/php to open_basedir

    Hello, I used InvoiceNinja on my server. I have an issues that when upgrading I get the following error: is_executable():open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/usr/local/php72/bin/php) is not within the allowed path(s)...
  4. Kiekeboe100

    MariaDB (MySQL?) rpm cleanup

    Hello, Is it possible that the old rpm's for MariaDB are not cleaned automatically? [root@host03 mysql]# pwd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/mysql [root@host03 mysql]# ls -l total 1440260 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 257 May 18 21:43 centos7-64.txt -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 8353220 May 2...
  5. Kiekeboe100

    Let user find delivered and rejected e-mail for their domain

    Hi, Sometimes I get a message from a client that they haven't received an e-mail. Now, I have to go through the exim log files to search for their domain and find the e-mail that was rejected. It would be handy if users could find an exigrepped list for their domain somewhere on the control...
  6. Kiekeboe100

    Office 365 DKIM Selectors as CNAME can't be added in the GUI

    Hello, When I try to add the Office 365 DKIM selectors I get an error "You must provide a valid name and value" I am able to add them in the named db itself and then all is working well. This is a record that has to be added: selector1._domainkey 3600 IN CNAME...
  7. Kiekeboe100

    Blacklisted because of quota bounce messages

    Hi, My server got blacklisted today. I couldn't find any malware / users / scripts that where spamming. I did notice that my mail queue was full of outgoing bounce messages to a lot of non-existing mail adresses. Bounce messages stating that the user's mailbox was full. I updated yesterday to...
  8. Kiekeboe100

    Allow users to set up http to https forward

    Hi, Maybe I missed it, but I think there is no easy way for end-users to set up http to https redirection. I think it would be nice if this would be an option that users could check in the domain config (and subdomain configs). regards, Stijn
  9. Kiekeboe100

    Username that starts with a number

    Hi, Today i found out that a username can't start with a number. Is there still a specific reason for this, or is it from the old days? I tried manually creating a user on linux with a number as first character, and that seemed to work. Of course, maybe there are issues with mail, mysql...
  10. Kiekeboe100

    Log file changes

    Hi, I had a hacked wordpress installation today. But there really isn't anything I can do other then restore a backup from before the problem, and then update all plugins + wordpress itself. Would it be possible to have a log with all files edited, and what process / file edited those files...
  11. Kiekeboe100

    Show default TTL in DNS screen

    Hi, I changed the named.db template to have a lower TTL (300). All domains have this TTL value, but when editing the DNS records the value next to "Override TTL Value" always shows 14400 (unless customized for that domain). Would it be possible to show the value from the template, so we have a...
  12. Kiekeboe100

    When is exim.conf updated with custombuild

    Hi, If eximconf=yes is filled in in options.conf, when will it update? - Automatically when there is an update to the conf file - Every time exim is updated through custombuild (don't think so as ./build exim doesn't overwrite my config) - When updating with ./build update_versions after a...
  13. Kiekeboe100

    CustomBuild 2.0 awstats wrong url

    Hi, It seems awstats is pointing to the wrong url: [root@host01 custombuild]# ./build awstats *** MD5 Checksum for /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/awstats-7.3.tar.gz Failed. Redownloading...*** --2015-04-26 00:09:59--
  14. Kiekeboe100

    Dovecot and Exchange 2013 (SPECIAL-USE)

    Hi, i'm trying to change the Dovecot config so Outlook would use the folders created for Roundcube (Sent, Junk, Trash). I found this documentation: But when I try to add mailbox in dovecot.conf I get an error that the option is not allowed there. It...
  15. Kiekeboe100

    CakePHP and php-fpm

    Hi, I'm having issues with CakePHP installs on my server. I have a client whose website has been built by the CakePHP framework. On my old server (suPHP) everything works perfectly. But on the new server (with php-fpm 5.3 and 5.5) I get an "Internal Server Error" on the webpage. [Sat Jan 04...
  16. Kiekeboe100

    Change TTL for Pointer Domains

    Hi, There is no GUI option to change the TTL of pointer DNS records. Also, would it be possible to have pointer records follow their parent records? Like when adding it would also add This 2nd fix would also fix my 3rd issue: When restoring a domain on a...
  17. Kiekeboe100

    Custom HTTPD, Filter Domains

    Hi, Would it be possible to have a "Filter Domain" at the top of the "Custom HTTPD" page like on the "DNS Administration" page? thanks, Stijn
  18. Kiekeboe100

    Exim case insensitive authentication

    Hi, I had an issue with a client that couldn't get authenticated. After looking at the exim logs, he had written his name with a capital letter. I know that Linux's default is to have user names case sensitive, although to make it easier for clients (and eventually for us), it would be nice if...
  19. Kiekeboe100

    php-fpm and per user/domain php values

    Hi, Is it possible to override php values for certain users / domains? I thought I could use the htscanner. But when entering php_value upload_max_filesize 256M I get a server error when I reload the page [Wed Oct 02 21:24:56.721618 2013] [core:alert] [pid 25534:tid 140198518105856] [client...
  20. Kiekeboe100

    ReverseProxy with /cp instead of cp.hostname

    Hi, I would like to use https://host/cp as reverse proxy to DirectAdmin instead of the cp.hostname subdomain (needs different certificate). If I try this the login form doesn't work. The submit button tries to go to https://host/CMD_LOGIN and not https://host/cp/CMD_LOGIN Is this something...