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    Force SSL redirect - not working

    I still have some domains running under http. Want to auto-redirect these to https. So; -Got functional LE-certificates for them, -Private to public alias, -Force SSL redirect : On https version works, but when the site is visited with http, it still loads the http-version. The redirect...
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    FeatReq: .build allupdates -> Build updates only?

    (Unless it already exists, or these is a reason not to) I'd like like to see an option to build just everything that needs to be updated, and not everything. Currently when I few items need updating, I manually enter those commands with .build xxxxx, until everything is updated again. I know...
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    LetsEncrypt with remote A-records

    I have a domainname running on my VPS where the A-records have been changed and its www-files are hosted on another server. The domain had a LetsEncrypt certificate active for awhile, but now after the A-record change, the LE-cert will not renew because the .wellknown-challenge is not found...
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    Error updating SpamAssassin Rules. Code=4

    "cron.daily" reported this error yesterday, and again today; Error updating SpamAssassin Rules. Code=4 Was this error shown because some update-servers couldn't be found, or that some modules weren't installed? If the latter, I wonder how it's possible that this error hasn't been reported much...
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    FR: DirectAdmin Message System - Send email based on message "status"

    I don't have DA send me a copy of every message that appears in the Message System, because the number of "Brute-force" and "Your backups are ready"-notification messages will be too much. But, I do definitly would like to see a copy of any Warnings or Error-messages arrive in my (admin)...
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    Running/Testing a cronjob from DA

    In addition to the Add, Edit, Delete and Save possibilities of cronjobs, I think it would be nice to see a "RUN/TEST"-button on the cronjob-page as well.
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    Updated Dovecot to 2.3.0. Now Excessive resource usage warnings from CSF/LFD

    Updated Dovecot to 2.3.0. last night and since then CSF/LFD is sending Excessive resource usage warnings every hour; Time: Sun Jan 7 14:02:11 2018 +0100 Account: dovecot Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 45127 > 1800 (seconds) Executable: /usr/libexec/dovecot/stats...
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    New DA user/domain-account - default FTP-account doesn't work

    When creating a new user / domain with DA, the default FTP-account that's generated at the same time, is unusable. Under FTP-management the FTP-account is visible, but there's no checkmark-button to either Suspend, unsuspend or even delete it. Everything up to date and I'm using ProFTP (CentOS-6).
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    Roundcube Error: New DA user-account, new emailaddress: Webmail login fail

    Made new user-account in DA: Created new email-account: newdomain/webmail: enter login data -> Roundcube error: "Login fails" IMAP login: works OK. Other mailaccount from another user-account works fine in webmail. /var/log/maillog: Aug 28 12:01:02 server...
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    Switched PHP release versions, now update-error with CustomBuild

    I changed/swapped both my PHP releases recently; Previous: php1_release=5.6 php1_mode=mod_php php2_release=7.1 php2_mode=php-fpm Current: php1_release=7.1 php1_mode=php-fpm php2_release=5.6 php2_mode=mod_php Now, when doing ./build update & versions with Custombuild, I'm getting this notice...
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    ImageMagick installed - CB error before updating PHP7

    I recently installed ImageMagick (or so I tried and managed to do so for the most part I think). Now when using CB; # ./build update & # ./build versions an error is shown: PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library...
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    CB2: ".build options" keeps downloading php 7.1.7 (2nd release)

    The last couple of days, when I run ./build options, an update-download of php 7.1.7 starts again, while the 2nd release of php is already at 7.1.7.
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    FR: Show 2nd PHP release in DA

    I think an installed 2nd PHP release should be shown in the DA's "CMD_SYSTEM_INFO". Also under PHP configuration "CMD_PHP_SAFE_MODE" I think it should be visible on which PHP release a domain is running. Maybe even a switch to change the PHP release for the domain.
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    php56+mod_ruid2 -> php71+php_fpm: Broken images Wordpress / MySQL-error phpbb forums

    php56+mod_ruid2 -> php71+php_fpm: Broken images Wordpress / MySQL-error phpbb forums Current setup: - php1 : php56 w/mod_ruid2 - php2 : None CentOS 6. Everything updated (yum/CB) Tried to change to php56+php_fpm last night, from running php56+mod_php w/ mod_ruid2, and running the 2nd...
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    phpMyAdmin/MySQL attack - how to block with CSF/regex?

    The IP-changes about every minute. CSF doesn't do anything about this and it causes an increased load on my server. How can I use a regex rule to block this? Small snippet from the Apache access log; - - [04/Jul/2017:21:32:15 +0200] "HEAD http://xx.xx.xx.xx:80/PMA2016/...
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    ./build update - errors when update-server is offline

    Tried "./build update", but the update server ( seemed offline at the moment. CB noticed this after a few tries and said it will use a backup-server for the remainder of the run, but it still falls back to the 'files25'-server everytime after this. So the script doesn't...
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    Let's Encrypt + ProFTPd: default cert is hostname -> can't verify domain

    Domains with a working LE-cert don't seem to have the cert applied to ProFTPd it seems. Anyone else have this issue? Whenever I connect with FTP w/TLS/SSL to a LE-certified domain, the FTP-client can't verify the domain. Upon checking the cert, I noticed the hostname cert is always shown, and...
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    ProFTPd: switched TLS/SSL (ftps) On/Off, now connection issues with ftp-client

    In trying to upgrade the security on my VPS, in proftpd.conf, I changed the setting "TLSRequired OFF" to "ON". Then restarted proFTPd. Tried connecting with a few usernames, on which I changed their logins to "FTP with TSL/SSL"-protocol, but no connections were made anymore. Looked like no PW...
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    ImageMagick vulnerability
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    BFM, CSF/LFD - quicker/tighter ip-blocking rules on failed Wordpress-logins

    Currently I've got BFM blocking ip's that still manage to hit a Wordpress-website with 20, 40 or even more failed brute force attempts. I want to limit resources spent on these password-guessers and would like to block the IP of anyone who fails to do a correct login on any WP-site on my VPS...