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    This might be a question only John can answer, but has anybody ever figured out what the duplicate fields in CMD_EMAIL_ACCOUNT_QUOTA represent? Here's an example: {"imap"=>111587, "imap_bytes"=>18805, "inbox"=>12, "inbox_bytes"=>12, "last_password_change"=>"1573004733"...
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    Plugins: Provide limited login key in environment variable

    I'd love to see a way for DirectAdmin to provide a temporary login key for the user running the plugin. This would let me make API calls back into DirectAdmin without a) prompting them for their password or b) storing a login key or password for a super user and then having to securely fetch it...
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    Automatic email configuration / autodiscovery service

    Hello, As email configuration seems to be the #1 inquiry I receive from clients, I decided to build a scaled up version of the strategy mentioned here, but make it more generic and suitable to different configuration scenarios, and eliminate some of the email client support requests I receive...
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    dns_*.conf templates and more

    This is a three part question. I've searched both the forums and the feature kb without success, so asking it here. First question: Is it outlined anywhere how the dns_*.conf files actually function? I've seen examples that perform assignment (php= which apparently creates a record with...
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    PHP 7.1 (via CustomBuild) & missing pecl / pear binaries

    This one was a mystery to me all day. I worked around it by using phpize and configure with php-config option, but I'd love to know what's going on... Are the pecl and pear binaries supposed to be available upon install? I could of swore they used to be. # ls -l /usr/local/php71/bin total...