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    Mysql 5.6.37

    Mysql server 5.6.37 is out now. Can you please update it to custombuild?
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    PHP 5.5.3 and 5.4.19 released

    PHP 5.5.3 is now released. The changelog: Here is the quote from php 5.4.19 is now released. the changelog:
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    zend for php 5.4

    Hello All, Finally has zend released ther eversion for php 5.4 i have send a mail to directadmin. But you can download it here: Kinds regards Michaël Mj Webhosting
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    Hello directadmin, There is a new version for phpmyadmin. (2011-12-01) - bug #3425230 [interface] enum data split at space char (more space to edit) - bug #3426840 [interface] ENUM/SET editor can't handle commas in values - bug #3427256 [interface] no links to browse/empty views and...
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    Hello Directadmin, There is a new version for phpmyadmin. This is the changelog: - bug #3418610 [interface] Links in navigation when $cfg['MainPageIconic'] = false - bug #3418849 [interface] Inline edit shows dropdowns even after closing - bug [view] View renaming did not work - bug [navi]...
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    Mysql 5.5.16

    there is a new version for mysql 5.5 The default thread-handling model in MySQL Server executes statements using one thread per client connection. As more clients connect to the server and execute statements, overall performance degrades. Commercial distributions of MySQL now include a thread...
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    multiple nics

    Hello everyone, I have 2 nics. I have two ipadresses. Let say: eth0: eth1: My eth0 is going good. but i need to add nic eth1 to ipadress list. Both are outside. Is this possible? Greetz, Michaël Jonkers
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    php 5.3.8 released

    PHP 5.3.8 is now released. Read more: The new version is added to custombuild now, and should be available to everybody within 24 hours. Message from DirectAdmin support: Thank you, DirectAdmin!
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    ftp quota

    hello, Is it possible to create a ftp account. And that they have a quota on their diskspace. And limit their traffic? Greetz, Michaël
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    reseller backup

    Hello, Is this possible? Resellers can create cron jobs for user backups. However, they can't select items (I mean the same kind of items users can select). It would be nice to allow resellers to choose which items they want to backup for users. For instance, it would be nice to allow resellers...
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    add ip to domain admin

    Hello, I have a simple question. I want to add a shared ip to a domain. For user i have already fixt. But i can find it for a administrator. Is it possible yes or no? And if it yes tell me how? Greetz, Michaël