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    URGENT, urgent help needed restoring mysqld server to version 4.3!

    After migration, the mysqld server is not running properly. We need version 4.3 Can somebody helpus out?
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    Howto install p3p

    Hi, Does anyone have a tutorial how to install p3p into apache? I searched the forum, but nothing found. thanks.
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    Strange email

    Hi, Since a day or 2 we receive each night an email with only a / in the body. The sender is / . Does anyone know where this comes from? We checked, but nothing found yet.
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    IMAPD error in messages log

    Hi, Recently i discovered some errors in the /var/log/messages log. Oct 27 11:12:19 webserver2 kernel: 4gb seg fixup, process imapd (pid 19176), cs:ip 73:00174760 Oct 27 11:12:19 webserver2 last message repeated 9 times Oct 27 11:12:19 webserver2 xinetd[3253]: EXIT: imap status=0 pid=19176...
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    I installed the master2slave script, and change anameserver IP's the error given by DNSSTUFF.COM is that we have LAME nameservers. What am i doing wrong?
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    Domain not resolving

    Hello, Our main domain (nameserver) does not resolve for a minute and is then back again. This happens a few times a day. So it is working normal and suddenly it is gone for a minute and comes back up. At first i thougt a DNS problem at my providers side, but now i hear more customers their...
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    Masses of spam

    Hi, Since last 2 days (and have to tell: it starts AFTER a update of DA) our servers are overloaded with spam, bouncemails, not deliverd mail. The amount was not that high ever. Does anyone know what causes this? I hear a lot of people who have the same problem. All since last 2 days.
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    compiling SNMP into PHP

    Hi, I wonder how it is possible to compile SNMP into php. I receive errors if i do: --with-snmp=shared,/usr/include/ucd-snmp --enable-ucd-snmp-hack (found on this forum) I installed all libs via Yum. OS is FC4 Anyone?
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    Apache problem?

    Hi, In the error_log i see following messages: *** glibc detected *** /usr/sbin/httpd: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x092e8670 *** ======= Backtrace: ========= /lib/[0x2931e0] /lib/[0x29372b] /usr/lib/apache/[0xb7b55b88]...
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    kernel: printk: 1 messages suppressed

    Hi, Does anyone know what causes this error? This is in the logs: And so on. Today the server did not accept connections anymore for a little while. Then it came up again. What can this be and how to handle?
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    Adding space to a domain which is only in DNS

    Hi, How can we add an account to a domain which is allready in DNS. The domain is allready in DNS because it is used for the nameservers for the other domains on that server. Now we want put a website on that domain, but we cannot recreate it because of the namserver function. How can we do this?
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    MySQL Joins no permission

    Hi, One of our customers complains about not having access to the LEFT JOIN command in MySQL. He has no permissions. I have not an complete error, but does anyone knows something about this and how to correct it?
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    Curl error

    Hi, Installatron gives me this error: Error: CURL out of date. The CURL binary Installatron found (/usr/local/bin/curl) is either not working or out of date. Please re-compile or re-install CURL. What is the best way in DA to upgrade curl?
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    Mailinglist problem

    Hi, Suddenly we have a problem with sending emails to a mailinglist. The error we receive is: pipe to |/etc/virtual/majordomo/wrapper resend -C /etc/virtual/ -l listname -h -f owner-list generated by
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    how to install libIconv

    Hi all, What is the best method to install libIconv in combination with DA?
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    User count not ok

    The administrator panel shows me more users then there are present. The server has been reinstalled. There are only 2 users at the moment, but the stats show me 189 :-( How can i reset this?
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    Spam on hostname!

    Hi, A couple a days ago we (and our customers) started to receive spam emails on the SERVERS HOSTNAME. The mails are sent to random names on Does anyone how this is even possible to send mail on hostname? And better: How can we disable this? Kobus
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    Sending attacments with welcome mail

    Hi, I'm very interested in sending attachments to customers along with their welcome mail when they register. You can think about .pdf files for agreements etc. Or terms and conditions. Maybe it is already possible? J.J. Draijer
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    How to change webmail link

    Hi, I want to use an url to let my users view webmail. Is it possible to change the link for in DA at all so it does not use the existing webmail programm?
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    Changing username

    Is it possible to change a users loginname without creating a new account? And if it is, how i can do so?