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    Selling a Lifetime License [bid plz]

    Hi I would like to sell my lifetime license. What will you give?
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    lfd states: dovecot/lmtp [idling] - Exceeded: 31105 > 2400 (seconds)?

    Anyone have issues with LMTP after latest CB2 Dovecot build? Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 31105 > 2400 (seconds) Executable: /usr/libexec/dovecot/lmtp Command Line: dovecot/lmtp [idling] PID: 21090 (Parent PID:2588) Killed: No Have rebuild Dovecot, to fix another...
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    Free Forum script advice?

    Hi I'm looking for a nice forum script for an upcoming project. I have vacuumed the web for advices, security, etc. I've found several solutions but one stands out, and that is NodeBB. It looks nice and I can run it from a small KVM instance. Have someone here tried NodeBB? If yes, what...
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    Anyone tried Centminmod?

    Just made a WordpressMU install, with three sites on subdomains, and they run slower than a single WP install. That's only obvious, but I only have three sites under MU. Must be my MySQL server is a bit slow. Was also running a pagespeed test on my server, and the respond was so so. Then I...
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    GD and EXIF?

    Hi Have been searching for how to compile with EXIF support, and also how to enable GD. Is it possible to get some fresh instructions on how to enable EXIF and/or GD? Plz I'm using CB2. Thx /FAF
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    Backup to Google-drive? FUSE?

    Hi Goggle just dropped the price on their 1TB Google drive, so it's actually a pretty good deal right now. Need to read more about it though, like bandwidth usage, etc. Anyone here using Google-drive or S3 for the backups? Google-drive-ocamlfuse (FUSE) works in CentOS6.*, just unsure if it's...
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    CB2 Pigeonhole work out the box? (dovecot 2.2.12 / Roundcube 0.9.5)

    Hi Long time no see. Happy to be here. I've been running Centos and DA for 8 years or so, without any problems... but my laziness. Currently I'm running CentOS 6.5, DirectAdmin 1.45.1, latest CB2 upgraded from CB1.2, dovecot 2.2.12, Exim 4.82, Roundcube 0.9.5, SpamAssassin 3.4.0, and also Apache...
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    Update to the latest phpMyAdmin?

    Hi... Ran into a bug or two with my current phpMyAdmin/PHP5.2.5. Can someone please supply the right commands to update to the latest "custom build" version of phpMyAdmin, plz. Cannot seem to find it under custom build's dir. Thx. /FAF
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    LightTPD - Webserver alternative.

    Just surfed around looking for a FastCGI/CentOS howto, and stumbled over this webserver: LightTPD This is from their site: These features sounds rather impressive. ... and yes, there is a nice FastCGI howto on the website: Setup FastCGI and PHP with individual user permissions, for...
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    SuExec PHP & FastCGI under Apache 2 on CentOS 4.2?

    SuExec & PHP/FastCGI under Apache2 on CentOS 4.2? Hi I'm a little concerned about PHP running as mod_php on CentOS 4.2, and would like to secure the environment a bit. I have different options to choose from: - chrooted Apache (with mod_php). - suPHP. - php-cgi. - php-fastcgi. My initial...
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    Interested in DA, need OS advice.

    Hi Have been reading through the forums, and have some minor questions regarding which FreeBSD I should choose. I have a dedicated server, currently running OpenBSD. Now that business is growing, I desperately need a control panel. I have been making research on Plesk, CPanel, and all the...