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  1. skorpio3000

    Package dependencies problem

    Hi guys, I'm running DA on Debian Lenny. I want to compile xbt_tracker. To compile it i need these packages But there is a problem. Some of these packages depend on mysql-common. I know that since mysql is installed by DA I shouldn't install the one in the Debian repos. So what should I do...
  2. skorpio3000

    Problem after upgrading to exim 4.7.1

    Hi guys, I upgraded to exim 4.7.1 using custombuild 1.2. Ever since I can't send or receive emails. And in mainlog I see this error: Error in system filter: /etc/system_filter.exim does not exist What should I do?
  3. skorpio3000

    Installing on Debian 5.0 OpenVZ

    Hi guys, I'm using Debian 5.0 on OpenVZ. My provider has some preconfigured images and I use the one he has for Debian 5.0. DA says that it should be installed on a clean Debian install. I noticed that the image that that I use has preinstalled apache2 apache2-prefork etc. In other word beside...