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    Roundcube Login Failed for New Accounts

    Hi i can login to roundcube with my one email account without any problem. but about another accounts i cant login to them! also i created a new email account without problem but i cant login to it too! i see these lines in roundcure error log : [16-Feb-2019 15:56:29 +0000]: <37nnpg12> DB...
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    PHP Selector for more than 2 PHP version

    Hi, its very good to have two php version in current directadmin but sometime we need more than 2 php version for our customers with old scripts. please add a feature which can use more than two php version with directadmin panel. (i know we can run 3rd php manually but that way so difficult...
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    httpd.service failed after build new php version

    Hi, i had php 5.6 with suphp as first PHP and php 7.0.x with php-fpm as second php. i had custom build 2 plugin in my panel. so i changed those: First PHP: php 7.1.x +php-fpm Second PHP : php 7.0.x +php-fpm and then build php all thing is ok but httpd go down output of systemctl status...
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    /tmp Problem

    Hi, i have latest version of directadmin (1.53.0) on centos 7.x with apache (2.4.33), mariadb (10.2.15) and php (5.6.36 & 7.0.30) with this partition map: [root@da ~]# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda1 76G 41G 32G 56% / devtmpfs 3.8G 0...