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  1. sce

    Problem with sending email from gmail (as smtp client)

    Hey guys! I have myself another snafu. :) I have a gmail account and I use it to send emails also from "work" email (basically as smtp client) but I have a problem as it won't send emails. Its called "Send mail as" (not alias). The log in /var/log/rejectlog I see this: 2020-09-29 10:52:02...
  2. sce

    Problem generating random password

    Hey folks! I have a weird problem. It seems I cannot generate random password for anything in DA (email accounts, ftp accounts...). When I click on the "2 dice" icon nothing happens. I even have a problem of entering my own password. Form becomes red, I see the popup, but no error message. I...
  3. sce

    403 forbidden error

    Hey good people of DA community. I have a problem with one of my domains and it's subdomains. The domain in question is (main and primary server domain). The problem is that domain and all it's subdomains show 403 forbidden status. I do have index.html files in all folders, I also tried...
  4. sce

    Domain on server problem

    Greetings. I have a problem with my DNS settings. I have a domain that I would like to park (first domain on the server), but I don't know on what DNS servers should I park it. Can someone please help. Thanks in advance. Sam