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  1. duke28

    Offre d'emploi - Administrateur de Serveur Linux

    Responsabilités: Assurer le bon fonctionnement d'un environnement de production de serveurs d'Hébergement web mutualisés, dédiés, et virtualisés Optimiser la performance de serveurs, et rechercher/suggérer des améliorations des paramétrages en ligne avec les nouvelles tendances dans...
  2. duke28

    need help about sender from local server

    i want deny user who send by our servers with the not real sender @yahoo or i want limit sender from our server to use only local domain for the from return path sorry for my bad english
  3. duke28

    mod_security problem since update from ./build all d

    since we update all with ./build all d of custombuild 2.0 : if i want update mod_security i have it : starting httpd: httpd: Syntax error on line 152 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf: Syntax error on line 2 of /etc/httpd/conf/extra/httpd-includes.conf: Cannot load /usr/lib/apache/
  4. duke28

    apache 2.4 - error

    apache 2.4 Failed to acquire SSL session cache lock on logs errors of many website i have many line with this error : [Thu Nov 28 21:26:55.679886 2013] [ssl:warn] [pid 25430:tid 47067096074560] (22)Invalid argument: AH02026: Failed to acquire SSL session cache lock [Thu Nov 28 21:26:55.679927...
  5. duke28

    apache 2.4 Failed to acquire SSL session cache lock

    on logs errors of many website i have many line with this error : [Thu Nov 28 21:26:55.679886 2013] [ssl:warn] [pid 25430:tid 47067096074560] (22)Invalid argument: AH02026: Failed to acquire SSL session cache lock [Thu Nov 28 21:26:55.679927 2013] [ssl:warn] [pid 25430:tid 47067096074560]...
  6. duke28


    how whitelist one ip who are listed by zen.spamhaus please (used by spamblocker)? sorry for my english
  7. duke28

    The best option missing !!!

    You know what is missing into direcadmin now ? the same new option of mail usage into the user level but for FTP history connection.. its can be more easy for users and resseller (who dont have ssh access ) for see fastly if the website hacked is just happen with the ftp password..or not. if...
  8. duke28

    little strange problem with php5.3.16 or .17

    hi, since we have php 5.3.17 ou 5.3.16 4 or 5 websites of around more 8000 websites we host HERE on many servers, can bring down one server in 5 minutes with the big load average ( its eat all cpu ) exemple : if someone going on this page...
  9. duke28


    look what we finish today ! user : demo_user pass : demo and webmail login interface in the same style ! so nice ?? !!!!
  10. duke28

    Services and management of directadmin in french

    if you need services and management in french, visit us : si vous avez besoin de service de management pour votre serveur en francais.. visitez nous : Installation Reparation Optimisation Solutions sur mesure Skin en francais Solutions de sauvegarde...
  11. duke28

    No user or group set - set suPHP_UserGroup

    i use custombuild and now i have this problem with apache 2.2 and suphp 7.x all is ok but : if we use its give error 500 and its said : No user or group set - set suPHP_UserGroup we cannot use server/~user ... any clue?
  12. duke28

    disable mail-header-path

    hi, i try to disable the mail header path for php in one server.. i try to add the user in trusted user in exim.conf..not working for this one.. after it, i try to change this in my options.conf of custumbuild #Mail options mail-header-patch=no after it i type ./build clean and ./build php...
  13. duke28

    rewrite all netmask

    hi i need to change all netmask of alias ip of to but i have so many ip i try this : cd /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ips perl -pi -e 's/\\' * but its modify nothing.. i see again in the file of the ip.. in...
  14. duke28


    HI each time the website use cronjob.. its send an email to .. its it possible to stop email for who use cronjob ? sorry for my english
  15. duke28

    URGENT please

    a new clean install and i have this error for build php5 /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/custom/suphp/configure.php5: line 28: --enable-ftp: command not found i did it : cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build update ./build php n i have this on the file #!/bin/sh "./configure" \...
  16. duke28

    pmadb linked tables configuration of phpmyadmin

    hi, is it possible in directadmin and phpmyadmin to use pmadb ? because for this options i think we need create database by i think its a problem.. so how its possible ? infos :
  17. duke28

    spamassassin problem

    hi, in the option of spamassassin i choose delete spam its work for 80% of spam.. buy sometimes its not deleted and i receive it : Spam detection software, running on the system "", has identified this incoming email as possible spam. The original message has been attached...
  18. duke28

    phpmyadmin login as normal user

    hi since few version.. we cannot login into phpmyadmin with the same user and password of directadmin or ftp.. why?? i have try many time.. create one user for directadmin.. the password work for ftp and directadmin, but not for phpmyadmin.. i cannot since few month.. not normal.. we can...
  19. duke28

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysqli_connect

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysqli_connect() i have this error when one users use this function.. someone know how activate this ?
  20. duke28

    scan forwarder email alias.. ( its begin to be a big problem for us.. )

    hi, sorry for my english.. but all email alias ( forwarder ) to a external email address ( example : ) are not scanned... spamassassin on our 50 servers.. just scan email for pop3 email... not for forwarder ( alias email ) i need to ask to all custumers to create forwarder...