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    Dictionary Attack Prevention

    Is there anyway we can setup an e-mail Dictionary Attack Prevention filters like APF does from DShield?
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    Message system issue

    I keep finding DirectAdmin's message system is send user there limit notifications witth the wrong user in the subject to the user that is over with two messages in that one message and it also sends it to the admin with the wrong user in the subject. So i was wondering if there is a way to...
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    E-mail Issue from DirectAdmin server to a SprintPCS e-mail!

    I was wondering if anyone has a sprintpcs phone with a sprintpcs e-mail and tryed sending an e-mail though you DirectAdmin server? When i try to send an e-mail through my directadmin server i never receive it on my sprintpcs e-mail but i never got a return e-mail either. Anyone know what could...
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    General Quota Question

    On the Redhat OS's such as Redhat ES and CentOS are quotas already enable and setup for DirectAdmin so users can't go over there limit? Well because i have CentOS and the quotas are set but i am going to be moving to a different dedicated server provider that does not include DirectAdmin which...
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    ablity to not setup dns zone records on domain(s)

    I would like to see a feature to disable dns zones for customers that use there own name servers rather than having to going and disable it manually by deleting the db and conf files for those domains.
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    where does da set time from?

    I was wondering where da is pulling the time from because i have all my server time right now except DirectAdmin si any help would be appreciate.
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    DirectAdmin License...

    I am having problems with the control panel on my new kernel, it says can not display page when i go to and when i try to start it manually it says "The ip of this machine does not match the ip in the license file" and i am using my IP and do you have any...
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    Upgrading Perl on FreeBSD...

    I tryed to upgrade Perl with FreeBSD's Port Collection by going to /usr/ports/lang/perl5/ then typing make and then make install isn't that suppose to upgrade the current perl or am i doing something wrong?
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    forgot password and change skin feature...

    It would nice to have a forgot password link for users/resellers that forget there password. Also allow users to change there skin if reseller enables it.
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    ModernBill issues with DA...

    When i ModernBill trys to create an account on my server it fails but when one of the techs from ModernBill point it to my server it works what could be the problem? Here is the following message i get from ModernBill, Connection or 'createacct' function failed. I guess from what Andy at...
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    disable Space limit overage...

    I was wondering if their is a way to disable space limit overage? I do not want to provide space limit overage in less they already pre paid for it which i will add that manually. I will provide bandwidth overage but that is different story if you know what i mean.
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    BSD Firewalls

    Does anyone know any good firewalls for FreeBSD? I tryed APF and Kiss but i notice there wrote in Linux so i can't find a way as of yet to get it to work. I even sent APF a e-mail and i am now waiting for a response.
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    couple of MYSQl questions

    Hello, I was wondering how i could disable MYSQL injections so i could stop hackers from breaking in to my MYSQL databases when i get bigger. Also what are the steps to make the da cp use https again?
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    FTP Issues possiiblity...

    Hello, What could cause my upload speed to be slow through FTP but when download off my server it is fine and when i upload to other people it is fine? I have never ran into this issue and this is striange.
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    apache config problems

    Hello, I was wondering if their is a away to recover the virtual servers? Since i had to re compile apache web server because now on all the domains pointign to my site come up with a default apache site. I e-mail John about it but it seems it is taking him longer too respond the last few days...