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  1. spacecabbie


    All, I created a Slack workspace if people are interested. More info here. I will in the course of the next weeks. Create plugin channel. with a index of all plugins. Setup rss feed from the forum. anything else.... Send me requests. It's not intended as a live support the best way to get...
  2. spacecabbie

    [solved] Mystry of the day: Sockets::getHostName(): error: Unknown server error

    Odd I keep getting: Sockets::getHostName(): error: Unknown server error its every query even the auto refresh as you can see below. This is ofc with debug on 2000 Its also in the logs that brought me to turn on debug any one any idea ? Sockets::handshake - begin Sockets::handshake - end...
  3. spacecabbie

    [solved] update ?

    Hi was wondering this howto: Is it still good on centos the init scripts have moved so just wanted to check.
  4. spacecabbie

    Solved tags on the forum

    @DirectAdmin Sales @DirectAdmin Support Could we add that to the forum ? making it an even greater resource for customers to find solutions ? I have started to use them in my posts.
  5. spacecabbie

    [Solved] freshclam constant update error

    Ik keep getting this error: Update failed. Database update process failed: Failed to read/write file to database directory (10) Unexpected error when attempting to update database: daily downloadFile: Can't create new file /usr/local/share/clamav/tmp/clamav-4d8cf52992ef83e49d7446b4ec38c45e.tmp...
  6. spacecabbie

    dyndns script

    Something useful i found online Its indutch but essentially a script using the DA httpsocket php ( ) All credits go to the original poster: Jeroen S...
  7. spacecabbie

    Log Viewer skin Request/Suggestion

    Evolution has one very irritating change to the old theme. Log viewer now is a list. This was IMHO way cleaner: Yes I have a lot of logs added to that list but still with the basic ones you need to scroll every...
  8. spacecabbie

    More info on skin.

    Zo.... now i have accepted Evolution into my life. I am appreciating it so much it should really be forced on to every user :giggle: Any ways I like to modify/change aspect but this new vuejs has got me stopped. So what are the options currently to edit it ? We have the config one. It...
  9. spacecabbie

    [Solved] php.ini locations/load order/best practice. and specifiy: /usr/local/lib/php.ini <-- Default /usr/local/etc/php5/cgi/php.ini <-- CGI mode (suPhp) /usr/local/php*/lib/php.ini <-- php-FPM /usr/local/php*/lib/php.conf.d/10-directadmin.ini <--custom...
  10. spacecabbie

    1 Error: (response-validation) data should be array

    I get this error in console it seems to have no inpakt just wanted to give feedback. app.js?ver=4953393e420fb74e08bfc5b17be2ba9a966e62d5:1 Error: (response-validation) data should be array at e.value (app.js?ver=4953393e420fb74e08bfc5b17be2ba9a966e62d5:1) at Object.validate...
  11. spacecabbie


    What is the best way to deal with the following: Time: Tue Dec 3 21:09:08 2019 +0100 Account: bestusernameever Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 13018 > 1800 (seconds) Executable: /usr/bin/bash Command Line: -bash PID: 8218 (Parent PID:8217) Killed: No...
  12. spacecabbie

    DirectAdmin the feature ? (Genuine feedback no bashing)

    Before i Start this post let me clarify, This post is not out of hate/unhappiness more out of love for DA. If it leads to bashing or any unpleasantness then I request a admin to just delete it. So I have been DA user for years from my beginnings running cms sites to my current jump into coding...
  13. spacecabbie

    Monit conf monitrc files

    Any one want to share theirs ? safe's building and writing my own. ps. best practice use monit only for monitoring or let it also restart services (aka wil that conflict with DA ?)
  14. spacecabbie

    Making a Auto configure plugin.

    So as a aspiring coder I plan to setup a side project. To create a plugin for direct admin to deploy autoconfig / autodiscovery (mozzila/Ms) Before I start my steps on the yellow brick road, Couple of questions if I may. 1. Does any one have anything like this or similar that is willing to...
  15. spacecabbie

    hostname and Domainname

    I found on the forum that you cannot use domain as hostname and its recommended to use I am using this setup but i like to add to the admin users as domain so i can custom config to httpd (mod rewrite proxy etc.) Voor tools that run on the server webside. I can...
  16. spacecabbie

    Long time lurker. Just wanted to say thanks.

    Hi and Hello I have been an on and off user of DA. I have never been a fan of forums due to a inability of communicating properly via the written word because of slight autism triads. Due to this I often look rude or uninterested/vague. Anyways Recently i found my self setting up another...
  17. spacecabbie

    Pre setup DA iso ?

    Hello, I have always used hoster but now i have started to run my own vps. I could go and setup DA and tweak it etc. But i like to simulate a hoster setup. I was wondering is there a iso or pre configuration script that setup the server complete as possible? Paid or Free Install the multiple...