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  1. HostinganID

    After Install LiteSpeed phpmyadmin & roundcube Error Internal 500

    Hi, today i install Litespeed in my directadmin server, after install, i build litespeed on custom build. But, when i try open phpmyadmin, error 500 (internal server error) how to fix that? My php version is already using lsphp before install litespeed.
  2. HostinganID

    Default Adress Mail Directadmin Setting

    One of my clients ask me default adress featured, in cPanel you can set it Default Adress Mail But in directadmin, im confused how to set up this. So anybody know Default Adress Setting in Directadmin ?
  3. HostinganID

    Email not delivery

    Hi all, i'am newbie om server managemenet and directadmin. Can someone help me? I'am already install directadmin on my server. When i want to send mail to google mail / yahoo mail. This did not sent. And i hava message : Remote-MTA: dns; Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550-5.7.1...