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    MySQL/MariaDB with SSL

    Is it possible to add SSL for MySQL/MariaDB?
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    Default php version setting

    The possibility to set a default php version, instead of using php1_release. More info see:
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    Multiserver - show all users

    Hello, When you enable the show all users feature in multiserver setup, you can see all the users from all the servers. But when you click on a user he goes to the DA page of that server and you need to login. But multiserver knows the admin password, so maybe it can also auto-login on that the...
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    Evolution skin - save package as

    Hello, In the old skin you could copy a package. You do this by opening the package, change the name (do not check the checkbox rename) and click on save. In the new evolution skin, the field with the package name is disabled, it only comes enabled when you check the rename checkbox. It is...
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    ProFTPd + NAT

    When you use NAT with ProFTPD you need to add MasqueradeAddress to the proftpd.conf file. Is it possible to add this to the proftpd.conf file that custombuild makes? I think you can check the directadmin.conf lan_ip and ethernet_dev value if there is NAT used. Here (at the bottom) you can find...
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    Exim port 465 TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 not allowed

    We have setup a new CentOS 8 server and we have noticed that exim doesn't allow TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 connections on port 465. On an older server (CentOS 7) with the same exim version and exim.conf version exim does allow TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 on port 465. On port 993 TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 works CentOS 8...
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    Site Redirection - new type: Cloaked/Masked

    On the page of Site Redirection add an extra "Redirect Type": "Cloaked/Masked" Then add this to the .htaccess file: RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^(.*)$ DESTINATION_URL$1 [P] eg.: RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [P]
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    Feature request: checkbox or option to show only local users

    Can there be an option (a checkbox or something) to only show local users when the 'Show all users' option is activated in Multiserversetup? Because sometimes it is usefull to only see local users.
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    Feature request: Multiserversetup for Brute Force monitor

    Maybe it is a good idea to enable a checkbox in the multiserversetup to make it possible to send the blocked IPs of the Brute Force Monitor to all servers. So when there is an 'attack' on one server and this IP is blocked by the Brute Force Monitor that it sends that IP to the other servers so...
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    Feature request: spamd logfile

    Is it possible to add the option to enable/disable spamd logfile? I made the following changes and the spamd logfile runs good (SpamAssassin - CentOS): 1) add "-s /var/log/exim/spamdlog" to the spamd line in /etc/systemd/system/spamassassin.service 2) add the file /etc/logrotate.d/spamd...
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    (bug) User bandwidth not correct

    I have had an email of a user that was using 1161% of his bandwidth. When I look in direct admin I see some strange things. In the reseller part (and admin part), in the 'Show all users' page, there is standing a low (and I think normal) bandwidth value. In the reseller part (and admin part...
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    Going to domain gives 'Apache is functioning normally'

    We have a domain that always gives 'Apache is functioning normally' when you go to it with a browser (to the domain itself and to the www. of the domain). The httpd.conf looks OK (if I compare with other domains) I don't see an error in the httpd error_log. I already rewrited all direct admin...
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    Mails not viewed in roundcube

    When we logon in roundcube, it doesn't show no emails (only telling that there are no mails). In the summary on the left side there is standing how much onreaded mails are in the mailbox. When we connect a mailclient with IMAP to the mailbox we view all the mails. What can be the problem?
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    Make advanced search in directamin not case-sensitive

    Now when you search with advanced search inside directadmin (in all pages where advanced search is possible) the filled in values are case-sensitive. Is it possible to make this case-insensitive or add an option/checkbox to choose between case-sensitive or not case-sensitive.
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    changing PHP version for /var/www/html

    Is there a way to change the PHP version for the /var/www/html directory? Reason: Roundcube doesn't work in PHP 7, so I like to run the scripts under /var/www/html directory in PHP 5.6
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    Per package user message when creating users

    When you have 2 (or more) type op packages (like webhosting and mailhosting) It could be usefull to have a user message per package instead of 1 global user message for all packaged. Because if you make a mailhosting packages the ftp server, mysql server, ... should not be in the user message...
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    User count reseller ip management

    Is it possible to hide the user count in the ip management of the reseller?
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    IP not deleted succesfully

    I tried to delete an IP address from the server (in IP Management). From directadmin the IP is deleted but when I login with SSH I still see the IP address in ifconfig under eth0:0. How can I restore this IP address (I allready tried to add it again, but then directadmin let me know that it...
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    Admin Backup/Transfer - extra 'Step 1: Who' features

    Hello, Is it possible to add this features to the 'Step 1: Who' in Admin Backup/Transfer screen? - All Users From Selected Resellers - All Users From Selected Resellers except Selected Users Kind regards, Maarten
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    Enable or disable autoresponders

    Possibility to enable/disable autoresponders instead of deleting them and recreate them.