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  1. Maniak

    Skin programmer wanted

    Hello, I am looking for candidates to code a DirectAdmin Skin. If you have the skills to make responsive design integration with DA specific framework, please get in touch by PM or reply to this message. Many thanks, Greg.
  2. Maniak

    [Request] Remote Email Server

    Hello, We are a long-term partner of DirectAdmin and manage about 100 DirectAdmin servers for various customers to date and about 12 of them are internal servers. Over the time, we have come to a certain level of operational excellence and have scripted and customized these servers, so we can...
  3. Maniak

    Fundraising for a DirectAdmin skin

    Hi Folks, This is a proposal for DirectAdmin professionals looking for a new fresh and intuitive skin. I am hiring a top-notch designer to develop a new GUI. I will manage the project lifecycle, meaning all hassles to coordinate between designers, developers and DirectAdmin skin integration...
  4. Maniak

    RHEL / CentOS 7.x

    As some of you may know, CentOS 7 is about to be released in a few months. Few months in our busy life – is tomorrow – or almost like it. RHEL will bring a number of new features and one of them is the file system. RHEL will ship with default file system XFS (could have been ZFS but licensing...
  5. Maniak

    Prevent configure overwrite

    Hello, For the sake of clarity, could you please let me know what is the exact way to make sure that files within directory /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/configure/{suphp,fastcgi,ap2}/* never gets overwriten when running "./build update" command? Actually is there a way like in templates...
  6. Maniak

    Get current active domain and all domains

    I am working on a template plugin (not a third-party but a replacement) to integrate Zimbra within DirectAdmin skin. I am looking for a way to: List current active domain List the whole list of domains within one account This will be necessary to susbtitute the current email system. So far...
  7. Maniak

    HOWTO: PHP with IMAP support for CentOS6

    I've pulled my hairs getting a proper working version of IMAP compiled within PHP. The trick was to compile the extension without issues. I wanted to get the latest version of IMAP. As such the way to go on CentOS 6.3 x86_64 (64 bits) was: Prepare the OS yum install -y pam-devel libc-client...
  8. Maniak

    Little issue

    Hi, I just noticed a little issue on Custom Build Version 1.2.13. Check out below in red. Thank you! Cheers. [root@dev custombuild]# ./build versions Latest version of DirectAdmin: 1.35.1 Installed version of DirectAdmin: 1.35.1 Latest version of Apache: 2.2.15 Installed version of...
  9. Maniak

    Request: Health dashboard page

    Hi, It has been a long time since I have not been active on this board, so I am back. I would like to request a feature that I call the 'health' or 'sanity' check dashboard page. Open-source software's are very often updated and released in stable versions and to make a complete list, I am...
  10. Maniak


    A well known issue if you add --with-libzip in your configure.php error : checking for ZIP support... yes configure: error: Cannot find libzzip solution : wget tar xzf zziplib-0.10.76.tar.gz cd zziplib-0.10.76...
  11. Maniak

    Mirror in EU

    I'd like DirectAdmin staff to setup a mirror of the files server in EU. The downloads would be for sure a bit faster than 450 Kb/s and the bandwidth a bit less expensive (by the good peering setup through the POPs). It is not that expensive, so in case they would need help finding a good...
  12. Maniak

    Count ALL emails sent

    Hello, The current system allow DA to track and count the email being sent by some users, but it is not complete. After many tries, it appears that the counter does not care about email being sent by PHP, CGI-Perl, SH, ASP (etc...) scripts. A ready-made solution can be found in this howto but...
  13. Maniak

    Track spam source

    Hi buddies, I guess on this forum we are all against spam. Many people know that even using the maximum security, it is each time possible to bypass the security, or simply to use a bad customer script to spam thru the mail() function of PHP including an outside script, or even a registered...
  14. Maniak

    Strange returns ?

    Hello, I got a feedback from our company programmer (PHP/MySQL) : Any idea about this ?
  15. Maniak

    APF fully automated

    I made it to setup it within future. It was tested on CentOS , but since nothing is special, it should work for other distribution. Use at your own risks!! 3 commands to run. # cd # wget # sh This system open incomings ports ...
  16. Maniak

    Single entry point

    Hello, For sure this has been already request, but I haven't found the subject here, so I allow myself to propose it. I know that a real plus of DA is to have an API system that works fine. We have seen last year a lot of new features that helps a lot to enhance the quality of directadmin...
  17. Maniak

    Exim issue

    Hello, Since a few weeks, I am the victim of organized spammers and other net bastards. In the bast, I had to block the whole Brasil country to be away of the spam. They found a new way. The use a php file that they include and then they can spam thru PHP. I am getting more than crazy with...
  18. Maniak

    Compile PHP safely

    My tip to compile PHP safely I noticed some people has trouble or server crash when they compile PHP and they cannot access their server anymore. I would advice to have webmin ready to be started, and run it before any major compilation. The rest of the time shut down. Webmin is a tool that...
  19. Maniak

    Exim SpamAssassin at SMTP time

    Hello, I discovered something great : Exim SpamAssassin at SMTP time. Does anyone know it ? Any try ? Any experience ?
  20. Maniak

    MySQL 4.1.21

    Hello, sorry if I post it double, but I didn't saw any thread for. MySQL released 4.1.21. Change log here